Am I The Only One Who Thinks Braxton Miller Is Fine?

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 10.22.51 PM…and that’s braxton with a tooth ache.
i get so many emails about pre baller wolf braxton miller these days.
i heard from a vix-bi in ohio his attitude is less to be desired tho.
i hope he does have a big…. ego.
tumblr_mpwkyvxF5s1rpurrmo1_500if we’re lucky it’ll match his big ass.
im sure when he gets into the league it will be brought down dramatically.
they all do.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “Am I The Only One Who Thinks Braxton Miller Is Fine?”

  1. His ass so damn phat! You can sit a drink on that muthafucka. Biggest butt in the Big 10 & all of college football. Jamari, I am still working on trying to get dirt on Brax. My boy goes to Ohio State and is buddies with RB Carlos Hyde. Brax is a real goof ball from what I hear.

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