one of the foxhole favs got the rona and is now a believer

i have a feeling that we’ll all end up getting the rona.
we can follow all the rules,
but somehow,
we will end up contracting it.
either from being reckless af or just an innocent bystander,
the rona might make an appearance in our own lives.
one of the foxhole favs end up catching the rona.
he just had a birthday too…

charlie ended up getting the rona.
check the hashtags.
he had something to say about it on his ig stories:

charlie was def out in these forests tough.
every story of his was out and about.
everyone doesn’t believe it’s real until they catch it.
the rona has made believers out of many.
i saw some folks i know outside today,
eating at restaurants,
and i felt a severe case of fomo.
i really want to get a haircut and get my ears pierced.

Charlie helped me see I’m good good

i got enough on my plate as is.
i don’t want to have to be battling the rona too.
i’m hoping that charlie has a speedy recovery tho.
we need him back to this on that asap:

be safe out there foxhole.

16 thoughts on “one of the foxhole favs got the rona and is now a believer

  1. The most recent scientific reports say that Covid-19 can cause brain problems even in asymptomatic or mild cases, so why mess around with catching a disease like this if you don’t have to? I also get that people are sick of being cooped up and not being able to go back to the lives they had before March, but think of it like this: if Covid-19 was a visible, physical monster that you could prevent from killing you by staying indoors, washing your hands, and wearing a mask, only totally foolish people would not do so. Instead, it’s invisible, just think of the Rona in visible form, waiting to take you out, and you’ll change your MO. Unless you just don’t care.

  2. I just don’t understand how people are not taking Covid19 more seriously. I live in Atlanta and I see people going to bars and clubs like the virus is not out there. DragonCon (Comic Book Convention) was cancelled and they bring about 100,000 people every year. Black Gay Pride is still happening in Atlanta during Labor Day weekend. I don’t understand why. I get that allot if people are frustrated because Covid19 has put a halt to allot of things we take for granted but this is your health though.

  3. Hell Noooooo…Not my baby 😢
    Even with corona he still fineeeeee damn.
    I wonder if corona prevents your dick from getting hard…just a thought.

  4. I forgot to DM you about this. I was in distress when I saw this. 🤣🤣🤣 “Lawwwwwwddddd not Charlie”

  5. Let’s be real this virus is airborne and they’ve been slightly telling us that from the beginning; anytime you have droplets and aerosols that can remain suspended in the air for hours for all intents and purposes that’s airborne. We do not have the PPE necessary to protect ourselves from an airborne virus. This virus has mutated by some accounts and is more contagious than the one that originally appeared in Wuhan, China.
    I think mental health is a real issue here with everyone. I think everyone just assumed we would quarantine for 2 weeks maybe a month and then everything would slowly get back to normal, that will not be the case. When 9/11 happened, it took us almost 5 years to get back to some normalcy and even today you can still see and feel the effects 19 years later. When the H.IV./A.I.D.S hit it took nearly 40 years to get to the point where we have therapeutics like Truvada where you just pop a pill and can live the rest of your life ( supposedly). This Covid-19 has fundamentally changed our society whether we want to accept it or not and a lot of people are in denial about trying to force things back to where they used to be.

  6. So he thought it was fake? Why? Why are so many of these niggas on dumb shit?

    1. I cancel anyone that talks that “it isn’t real” or conspiracy bullshit having lost four people I know to this virus. Until they experience it firsthand, a LOT of people will feel the same way, that it won’t affect them and it’s not real. That’s why we see so many people out here carrying on like nothing is happening.
      That feeling of entitlement is real.

      1. I’m with you on this. We are witnessing too many people dying from it. What would make people think it wasn’t real?

  7. I see too many ppl in my stories out there, around ppl they are closed friends with and all, partying like the Rona ain’t around but eventually it’ll catch up to them, like Charlie. Birthday boy Jarrett Jenks is out in about too, so we might hear him have it next.

          1. Gives you a warm hug. It’s okay to ugly cry. Blow your nose into my shirt. It’s been feeling like a funeral. That feeoife where you’re in denial they’re gone, but you see the casket.

            I don’t have kids and I get annoyed thinking of them foibg “Relax Daddy, it’s not like that Corona y’all had!”

            They will March right back in the house and be on punishment.

            I don’t want jokes about it. We will all have a TESTIMONY. I pray we come out stronger on the other side. It’s like a “what else could go wrong” dystopian movie that never rnds.

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