On My Knees Ready To Serve My Country

tumblr_nz3vgctrcM1tubnx7o4_1280you know what foxhole?
we don’t show a lot of love to those who are out here serving our country.
so let’s start today.
so an f-bi sent me this country serving army wolf and well…


he is handsome and has bawdyyyyyy.
the army is doing him good.
of course,
he got “got”.
his nekkid shots are already online for the foxhole to see.

“not for the curious straights”



God bless me america.

lowkey: i would love to see that pistol in action.
he looks like he would use it well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “On My Knees Ready To Serve My Country”

  1. These guys in uniform never learn. If they’re going to post pics like that…they need to make sure their uniform isn’t showing…or their name!!
    If their commander get a whiff of this…it can lead to them getting kicked out of the military or being disciplined (which could lead to demotion) under UCMJ.
    That being said…ol’ boy got a nice body and a nice tool! LOL

  2. Lol those dick pics def don’t belong to him.
    The navel in the first one don’t match, and the second one is William.

    1. Right? Not to mention one of the guys with in the nudes is of a darker complexion than this dude here.

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