Mike Adams Has The Side Profile of All Fine Baller Wolves

tumblr_o407hsrAQH1r78dgto1_500can we talk about this baller wolf’s side profile tho?
he is handsome as hell.
i nearly fainted when i first saw it.
well his name is mike adams and he plays for the colts.
lets get into some stats

age: 35
hometown: newark, nj
position: safety
orientation: straight

here are a few more shots of mr. adams:

…and i couldn’t not bring some videos for review:

i also love a good come up story.
this is a description of mike’s documentary,
“earned my spot”:

Follow the amazing story of Mike Adams, and his unlikely journey to playing in the NFL. Born and raised in a rough neighborhood in Paterson, New Jersey, Mike faced many challenges as a child and young man. Raised by a single mother of seven in an area wrought with crime and drugs, Mike became the first person in his family to go to college after receiving an athletic scholarship to the University of Delaware. After two potential career ending injuries and problems at home, Mike was not drafted or heavily sought after by any NFL teams. Now entering his 12th season as a professional football player, he reflects back on the long and often tumultuous road to where he is today hoping that his story will inspire others with similar backgrounds to pursue success.


i love it.
there are some really good lookin’ wolves in the nfl.


lawd ham mercy.
can you believe that mike started playing in the nfl in 2004?
he has been playing for close to 13 years.
that is a blessing.
that yoga is doing him wonders too.
keep it up mike.
it looks good on ya.

lowkey: i need me a baller wolf low key side piece.
ya know…
for work out purposes.


all pictures/videos credited: mike adams

9 thoughts on “Mike Adams Has The Side Profile of All Fine Baller Wolves

  1. Yea, he does have a nice side profile and a nice body. I noticed that he flexible as well, which kinda unusual for a man of his stature.

    He was just released from the Steelers though for a failed physical. I bet he could pass mine. As long as he can bend, arch his back, use his jaw muscles, and love on me right he passes my physical.

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