@NickiMinaj Tweets @BarackObama About Trayvon Martin, But @Oprah Don’t Care?

tumblr_mnyiybN4Ed1qfyatto1_400well alright nicki nicki.
this is what i like to see.
i also have questions about his thoughts as well,
but she went straight to the source…

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 1.04.52 PMtumblr_lzq6g7mzIO1r347qso1_500im sure people hated she did that,
but who gives a fuck right?

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 1.05.15 PMx go to her twitter for more

on the other hand,
hasn’t said anything about the verdict on her twitter.
she is too busy tweeting about her network shows.
someone had to call her out about it:

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 1.08.29 PMno tv?
seriously oprah?
this biggest story from your country…
…and you have no idea whats going on?

nickigrossx go to oprah’s twitter for more

14 thoughts on “@NickiMinaj Tweets @BarackObama About Trayvon Martin, But @Oprah Don’t Care?

  1. Now you all are blaming Nicki Minaj for asking a question? BOL you should applaud her for even tweeting something than the regular bullshit about racism or “my heart hurts”. This is why I don’t get black people. We get mad when shit happens, but then when a celebrity shows interest, we condemn them. This is all a joke that will be over with by next week.

  2. Juries are made up of registered voters Do you try to avoid jury duty?Maybe Nicki should encourage her followers to Vote

    1. Colette@It’s funny how every time you mention what Oprah gave to a charity organization you always say almost lol!!!That’s telling a lot almost not all $20M or all $50M but almost well,well,well all the billions she got she only gave almost that’s sad and pathetic you just proved my point.Provided Scholarships for over 400 Morehouse Men really well that’s hard to believe specially since you said she only does things half way,so she almost provided scholarships to 400 Morehouse men,Think before you write.

  3. I really don’t care about Oprah’s tweet. The woman has done more for black folks through charity than most of her critics. The bigger issue for me is the change that black people need to make. Run said it above when he mentioned black people going to NAACP offices and trying to fight for justice. Instead most black folks just make social media post that takes seconds to create.

    We rightfully get upset about Trayvon Martin, but sit quiet as black men kill each other week after week. We all have to be involved in our communities day after day in order to see real changes made.

    1. Oprah has done shit for the black community unless your talking about that God awful movie precious she produced.Oprah is nothing but a coon she only does things to please the white folks not blacks you dumb idiot!!!!

      1. Yeah thats why she has given almost $20M to Morehouse and thru her foundation provided schlorships for over 400 Morehouse Men.Since she hasnt done shit for Black folks please enlighten me ,who has? BTW she spent almost $50M on her school for girls ,Black girls

  4. I don’t see what oprah or Obama have to do with anything? Any one who knows about the government knows that Obamas job is to serve as commander and chief to our country which is a fancy way of saying he is in charge of MAJORITY of our military affairs. That WILL explain why it was so much easier for him to end the war in Iraq and currently attempting to end the war in Afghanistan compared to getting rich people to pay taxes, legalize marijuana and gay marriage. Obama has to go through congress and the electoral college to get all ov that stuff approved. Which explains why the hell his hair is turning so white, because they give him an very hard time and often vote AGANIST his ideas because he is a BLACK MAN.

    So instead of Nicki Minaj tweeting out of all things the President and mentioning someone as looney to him as Lauryn Hill maybe she should take the time go back to school and educate herself to understand Obama serves as our president but there are tens of thousands of congress members who have to agree with something he says which maybe the reason why the trayon verdict was the way it was.

    What WE as YOUNG BLACK people shouldn’t do however is take to twitter to release our frustration on this verdict. I am so sick of seeing people go on twitter of IG saying the same thing, we know we say the verdict. Now this separates the boys from the men and the real from the fake, if YOU REALLY CARED ABOUT THIS CASE, and don’t want it to happen again, then log onto the NAACP website and sign a petition to take the case to the Supreme Court and to get a retrial. NAACP has offices in every state, go visit your local NAACP head quarters and see how you can get involved and fight for justice. I swear the people I’m my generation are full of people who are so easily influenced upon each other and technology.

    I do believe in the motto by any means necessary however the people of my generation aren’t about that life and would rather express themselves upon social media rather than going out and taking up for, fighting, or defending, someone of their race like we did with Rodney King. I don’t mean to sound harsh but twitter and IG won’t bring trayvon back neither will it bring justice to him. getting involved will however bring justice to him and hopefully solace to his and other families who have lost someone due to violence. There is no way that n 2013 gay people can get married but George Zimmerman can walk away a free man. Tweeting oprah or Obama won’t help.

    And one more thing, I do believe we should be more involved when something like this happens except when its black on black crime. Because yes this was a racist crime, however there are thousands more of us killing people we look just alike. We have to do better.

    1. You should be so hard on us or Nicki Minaj. It could also be said she is an entertainer and ignorant to the factz. We all don’t know any better until guided. It’s good Nicki provided some kind of dialogue for discussion. Take a look at it this wayz If she didn’t say anything, Jamari wouldn’t have posted, and you wouldn’t have went off with WHAT to do. 🙂

    2. tell em! These e-thugs.. Like can I get a countdown to GZ end ? What are all those drivebys for? I thought some of them are so hardcore and don’t care if they end up in jail? Well, what are you waiting on?

  5. OW was simply disgusting says alot for a would be humanitarian to shrug it off as well what you want me to do about it i got no tv. Says the bitch tweeting from her remote location. Guess she though all those Trayvon Martin tweets was just random and did not make it to her twitter app.

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