Middle Fangaz, Thoughts, and “Aha” Moments

letter-of-my-life.tumblr1i turned off all my devices last night.
i honestly didn’t turn them on until just now.
i watched a few movies and escaped my reality.
quite frank: i needed it.
i got up early this morning,
fixed myself a good breakfast,
and sat on my couch for the majority on the day.
sleeping at some points; thinking the rest.
after speaking to that female yesterday about liar liar,
i came to a conclusion while taking a warm epson salts bath.
one that i already knew,
but soon forgot once i was dealing with this latest test…

you will always be “the bad guy” to someone out there.
not everyone will like you.
they won’t recognize the kindness.
they will forget the “hope all is wells” and the “shoulders to cry on”.
even though you think you are a good person,
it will be trumped by all the “bitter bettys” and “depressed devantes” walking around.
the ones who see the ugly in a perfect picture.
ones who have to critique every fuckin thing like they don’t live in a glass house.

tumblr_m7feouLi0G1qz8uvvo1_500they could see you could donating stacks on stacks to charity,
adopting 78 children from third world countries,
and even rescuing a helpless kitten from a tree.
none of that shit even matters to someone who has an issue with you.
while everyone around you will “awww” and pat you on the back,
someone(s) will scrunch up their nose and roll their eyes.
they will say you “doing it for attention”.
they may even call you a liar.
they will bring up your past that a fox/wolf, or hybrid can’t change their fur.
everyone does this.
you even do this.
me as well.
everyone has someone who will view you as threat.
there is nothing you can do about it.
life doesn’t stop because of it.
how many people have i written about,
showing my readers the beauty in what i saw,
only to get dissed on social media?
sometimes an email?

has it stopped the flow of my foxhole?
not at all.
it only sucks when they try and take money out your pocket.
ruining your good name to make themselves appear honorable.
i don’t really care what others say about me,
but liar liar crossed a line you just don’t cross.

tumblr_m87gznWuek1rusbvzi could stomp my feet and throw mounds of shit all over the place.
 apologize while giving up something in return
kiss ass and try to make someone view me as this “great person” others see me as.
ive done that already in my past.
i was still badmouthed and middle fingered.
nothing won’t change and quite frankly,
i shouldn’t want it too either.
i always end up receiving major blessings out of it.
this test has kept me on my toes and has made for great entries.
made me play chess instead of checkers.
it also helped someone somewhere as well as the comments.
the comments>>>
i guess you can say i’m grateful.
you should be as well.
always thank god and the universe for your “aha” moments.
remember who you “use” to be?
well look at us now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Middle Fangaz, Thoughts, and “Aha” Moments”

  1. This is the truth. The sooner people learn that they will not please everyone, the better they will be. I learned a long time ago.

  2. I’m starting to have that aha moment now at my job, not everyone gonna like me which is fine because I don’t like everyone myself. Also I’m not perfect and I don’t have to be an shining example of a good Person to everyone those who know me know my what I do and that’s all I need.

  3. You are right Jamari, everybody not going to like you and no matter what you do, some one is always going to have to a problem with it. I know this from experience, because I’m just a tad bit older than you. So I say to you as long as you know in your heart and spirit that your motives and intentions are pure and just. Don’t worry about other people say or do, just keep walking your path and living your life Boo.

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