michael sam come out to wish another well on their come out

is it wrong to say i feel like michael sam did his “come out” story all wrong?
it was a lot of hype during the moment,
but after the confetti is swept away and the balloons deflate,
i felt he tried to be everything all at once to keep us interested.
i think he was used and thrown away (like most retired baller wolves) once he didn’t live up to the hype.
is he still with his white fiance?

michael had some words for the latest nfl baller wolf to come out.
this is what he tweeted to carl nassib on twitter…

i think it’s easier for white folks to come out because they have the privilege.
they can be nonchalant in their come-outs and get reality tv deals because of their skin color.
black folks have to work ten times harder to get the respect,
the pay,
the acknowledgment,
and the thank you.
social media and the real world are two different things.
they’ll hype your ass on social media and pay you dust in real life too.

We always gotta prove ourselves first.

i think if michael sam got drafted,
played a few good seasons,
and gained respect in his industry,
kept his relationship out of the media,
i think his come out would have hit better.
he tried to pass off this love story nonsense rather than being the best.

…and let’s be honest,
he came off corny.
he wasn’t a star either.

i’m not saying we can’t let our personal and professional realms know our truth,
but we don’t have the same luxury as white folks.
some of them can be basic af and still be “something”.
then add on being black and gay too?
you know this; i know this.
i hope michael sam is doing well and thriving bts.

5 thoughts on “michael sam come out to wish another well on their come out

  1. He is so damn corny… To be honest Micheal will probably be fine and have a decent successful life but I am much more interested in his ex-fiance, he is the type to have a autobiography worthy life. I see him either ending really well in a jet-setting lifestyle with a mildly attractive older man or failing terribly and ending up a drug addict with unrealistic dreams of modelling. I find social climbers to be so faciniating, my favorite genre of fiction is historicals about people essentially social climbing (only it’s not labelled that).

  2. No he isn’t with. Ito anymore.

    From what I read Vito is a bit of a celeb/fame chaser. Don’t be surprised if he ends up as Carl’s little spoon

    1. Exactly! Michael Sam wanted the attention & spotlight and Vito saw him as a meal ticket. AS they say, birds of a feather flock together. Michael used Vito as a white trophy arm candy and Vito is an opportunist. Michael Sam is a snow bunny chaser and kind of color struck so I dont feel that bad about Vito dumping him as soon as all the hype about Michael Sam faded away. As they say, pride goeth before the fall.

  3. I think Mike played it to his advantage. He seems like a decent person though.

    1st ) He knew he was not talented enough to play professional football. He did horrible at the tryout . [ I am a football fan ] .

    2nd ) He did not want to play professional football [ he was given a 2nd chance and bailed out ]

    He wanted the attention, and he got his 15 minutes of fame . [ Kissing Boyfriend, Dancing with the stars] .

    1. WOW. Did he really think that having Oprah on his side would overshadow his inability to play? Football isn’t exactly about opinion. You make touchdowns or don’t.

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