Metrell Hurst Takes My Foxhole Interview Virginity

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… and i think i liked it.
look at him.
i decided to introduce something new.
sooooo many people that i want to interview honestly.
i wanted to start small and get some practice before i go IN heavy…

that being said,
i did a little sniffin’ on metrell.
i saw he had an interesting story.
he has been through a lot that you would never know.
i hit him up and we did our thing.
check out my first ever interview with metrell hurst

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well thank you mister hurst for taking some time to be my first interview in the foxhole!
you broke my interviewing virginity.
I’m officially a big boy now lol.
i plan on putting you to work “jamari fox style”,
so let’s have some fun and get comfortable…. now to be honest, you have been on my radar a minute. i know you from your work on ADTV, all of your pictures, and a little from twitter. you are definitely mister popular, but i did a little research about you and you are more than just a pretty face. you actually have QUITE an interesting story metrell.

1) tell my foxes/wolves/and hybrids who don’t know you about your journey so far?

My journey so far hmmm.. Well, I’m a little country boi from Tennessee (Athens, Cleveland, Chattanooga) by a way of Mississippi (Tupelo). Who moved to San Diego, Ca for the Military and then moved to New York to pursue a dream that I turned into a goal.

2) now tell us something about you that we would not expect?

I’m a very friendly out going person, who can’t deal with drama. I tend to stay far away from it. I am not stuck, not vain but, I get prejudged all the time. I love to cook and create things. I’m extremely athletic, energetic, spontaneous, courageous, determined, motivated man. My turn on is to be inspired and my turn off is denial. Anything specific you want to know, don’t be scared to ask.

3) i know a lot of “church brats” who were wild and crazy. what was your childhood like growing up with a mother who was a minister?

Believe it or not I was actually a good kid growing up. I got in trouble one time for stealing a candy bar (butterfinger) got caught, taken to jail for the scare, beaten by moms, in the police station and I had enough. So, I buried myself in Track, Cross Country, basketball, school, and music to keep away from trouble and individuals who created it. Plus, I have an older sister who got into plenty trouble for the both of us making me very aware I didn’t want any of that.

4) now by looking at you, you can probably have any person you want. have you ever been turned down by someone?

I’ve never been turned down by anybody I wanted. Although, I’ve been turned down from a relationship. I’ll explain. I dated someone who had trouble with my past (porn mistake) but we had fun together. We were with benefits. We both caught feelings and I wanted more but then they disappeared on me for 2 months ignoring any contact I tried to make. But, it’s cool things happen for a reason we are friends now and I’m happy.

5) i read that you were in the military. that is pretty bad ass metrell. what made you join?

I was running away from pain actually. Dealing with a lot of mess, drama, nightmares, family issues and I just needed a quick escape. Allow me to elaborate: lost my best friend due to a tragic accident that I witness, and I couldn’t take it. I needed to run away which is what I have always done instead of dealing with it, until 3 years ago. I needed to face my own fears. (Pain/hurt)

6) you are very masculine, play basketball, and you do a lot of athletic stuff.
i really enjoy a man who can work up a sweat,
but do you have any “girlie” qualities?

I’m sure I do. I can’t name any myself but I’m sure Vodka, Patron, Hennessy, etc.. Can name a few. Look I don’t pretend to be manly, manly.. I’m a man who was raised by nothing but females. Of course I have “girlie” qualities. I’m sure anyone can pinpoint a few out. Nothing to be ashamed of.

7) i wrote an entry about you and someone left a comment saying that you were a “butch queen” and they can be very commitment-prone. do you believe this to be true?

Honestly, I don’t really know what the hell a butch queen is. Nothing against the ball room community but that’s their language I only know little about. I’ve tried learning, I’ve asked several questions but its too much going on to remember. But, I will say I love how free they are, how artistic they are, and beyond creative. I think it’s pretty amazing. Also, I am very commitment prone. It’s the greatest thing to me, to be loved honestly and pure. I’ve been hurt so many times, and the blame seems to be all on me, but yet they only cared about their own needs and wants. I just leave once I’m not happy. Very simple. It hurts but love heals pain, and I love myself far too much to keep letting one person hurt me the same.

8) now i know that you dated someone who is pretty big in the ballroom scene.
i saw another guy that you dated who looked sort of the same to the first guy.
do you have a “preference” when it comes to dating?

Huge disagreement here. I don’t think they look anything the same. They dress differently, talk different, act COMPLETELY different. And they HATE each other. Although they both are extremely artistic and creative and that is a huge preference of mine. Looks comes in all different packages, and I don’t look for anyone to look or act like me. I do need them to be fit, someone who takes care of themselves and they have to be WELL GROOMED. Other than that your look alone isn’t going to get me.

9) your birthday just passed last month, so that means you are a leo. leo’s love attention, to be in charge, and crave the spotlight. do you?

Ok, I love to be in charge but, I can also  give it up very easily. I’m a team player and being in a relationship is what that’s all about. Depending on the attention I can say I love it. I love attention when it comes to, interviews, modeling, pictures, videos, music, relationships, etc.. Now craving the spotlight, what I do crave is to be on stage in the spotlight, so as far as that YEA!! But, when I go out I just like to chill with my friends. I don’t like too much attention when I go out hint why I don’t go out too much actually. You see me out once in a blue moon and most times I’m celebrating someone’s birthday.

10) speaking of being in charge, are you a “wolf = top”, “hybrid = vers”, or “fox = bottom”?

Everybody wants to know this.. I’ve always been a verse top.. But, always wanted a verse relationship. I’ll never be a bottom love ass too much!! If I’m single, I rarely let anyone get in it. Shit, I don’t have a lot of sex when I’m single. I’ve gone months and months without because I hate random sex and rather jack. So, many rumors out about people thinking I’m a hoe and I get around and I’ll confront each individual because everyone thinks that’s how I am because what they think I look like. Smdh

11) what is your stance on the labels, or roles, within the community?
Hate them. I think labels are dumb and roles I think should flow naturally and just call it what it is: a partnership.
Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.54.47 AM12) you are very serious about your workouts.
your body is perfection.
what is your favorite body part on yourself?

I don’t have a favorite body part. And my body is FAR from perfection. So many guys with nicer bodies, I’m just small frames and ripped.. I could have a bigger chest, calves, and forearms.. I actually can gain about 10 pounds and ill be just fine.. But I’m always packing on 10 then losing 12 because of different trainings I do for different events: obstacle course, triathlon, road races, etc.. I just love working out. Now, I’m in the process of packing on that 10 lol.

13) what is your favorite body part on someone else?

I love nice arms, chest, and butt!!!! Lol but portioned.

14) now, it is time for you to cum into the foxhole a little… i saw the porn videos you had out.
i enjoyed watching them, but i noticed you looked really nervous in a couple of strokes.
what was going through your mind when you arrived on the set of your first movie?

The simple fact that I didn’t know what the hell I was doin. I was beyond nervous and didn’t want to go through with the process. Truth be told they flew me down, and pressured me everyday to do the porn, I waited until the last 2 days and I was there for 7 days. But, I figured if I wanted to get home then I had to or I would have been stuck. They paid for my flight, and I was staying at the owner’s house. I was just shit out of luck. The whole plane ride home I cried! Then when the shit came out as BAD as they were, I cried MUCH MORE. Was drunk in each of them, and regret was all in my face. But you live with mistakes, and you adjust your emotions properly. You create a hard shell for every negative comment you already know you will receive and deal with it. That’s how I’ve lived since and it works for me. Although, I hate the label porn star, I know it’s expected. Although, the porn was done 6 years ago and hasn’t been a repeat and will not be a repeat. People still try to go see it. But, it reflects nothing sexually for me, not at all how I am in the bedroom, my dick isn’t hard in any of them, and I was 20 pounds smaller than now, and very young.. Growth develops a person and experience changes a person, and trails and tribulations teaches a person. Yo, that kid back then, is a mere reflection of a younger dumb Metrell. Who I am now is not in reference to him. When I look back at that, and I see my eyes, I don’t even know who that person was. So much hurt, and pain then. The act of rebellion was the thought of immaturity.

15) did you care what your mother/family would have thought?

My Father has nothing to do with my life nor my thoughts. And my mother is a Mister, who was not always a saint. But a powerful testimony lets you know that people make mistakes but as long as you grow from it somehow, all is forgiven.

16) what is your favorite position? why?

My favorite position is actually the position you find while moving into a position. Can be AWKWARD but feels amazing.

17) what has happened while you were having sex that turned you off?

I’ve actually never been turn off in sex, except for the porn.. But, if you make sure the person and you clean properly there shouldn’t be any turn offs in sex. Its suppose to be about each others needs and wants. So cater to them while they cater to you and add emotion and trust in that and you equal out one hell of a good time!

18) your eyes tell me that you are a freak.
in your opinion,
what is the difference between making love and fucking?

The difference between making love and fucking is simply Love and emotion. Making love is just the feel of being loved and someone expressing it intimately. Every feel says they appreciate you and every kiss says they adore you. They take their time to feel you and get to know your insides. Making sure that for every moment is a pleasure not a pain. Making you feel comfortable and secure in every way. Then the nut process should feel like the best nut of your life every time. And the cuddling afterwards comes natural and you just fall asleep in each others arms. Now fucking is just getting down dirty with it, it’s time to be porn stars.. A nice nut in the face, banging out the walls, and not caring how you feeling but just getting it in being freaky. In fucking your suppose to feel a little pain, your suppose to hurt a little bit. It’s about fun and being in the moment of spontaneous. Tossing each other around, shit talking, aggressiveness, just rough.. Sounds fun just talking about. Every relationship needs moments like this. It’s not just about making love all the time, it gets really boring after a while. Should always be spicy.

19) have you ever cheated?

Yes, I have cheated, I’m not perfect.. Won’t even give an excuse for it. Just man the fuck up and say yes I have.

20) have you ever had a one night stand?

Other than porn I have never had a one night stand. Not really my style.

21) raw sex: when is “okay” to have sex raw?

Now, the honest answer is never ok for raw sex. But the real answer is when u feel there is trust and love. Don’t have raw sex if your not involved. Specially if there is no emotional connection. Although, we all have slip ups, please be careful everyone isn’t honest about their status. Protect yourself first then worry about someone else.

23) have you every video taped yourself having sex?
would you let people see?

Other than porn, yes I have and I would never show anybody. It’s only for me and the person in which I recorded it with.

24) you like to sing and write, but what if you exhausted all options and it doesn’t pan out. what is your plan b?

I have a degree in sports medicine and I am a certified personal trainer..

25) why should everyone support metrell’s music? date him? want to fuck him?

Support my music because it speaks volumes of life. It’s inspirational, motivating, freaky, loving, deep, soulful, and heart warming. I write songs in which I think everyone can relate not just myself. I don’t talk about drugs and alcohol, I talk about love, hurt, pain, and breakthrough. Everyone has been hurt by something. Everyone loves someone, we all have pain. We all have broken through a struggle, gotten over a broken heart, manned up from denial, and learned from our mistakes. I write about all of this. Want to date me not because of what I look like but because of who I am and how I present myself. Want to fuck me because of what I look like and because of who I am and how I present myself. A mans’ virtue is the essence of his heart, and I reveal mine through my words and music. Because it is all exactly who I am. Which is why my first album I am currently working on is entitled “Who I Am”.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.58.52 AM

26) lastly, tell my audience what should we expect from you?

Expect me to be 100% honest with you guys. I will always have a open policy for what you can ask me. Because I want you guys to know exactly who I am. If you hear any rumors you can come to the source tweet me @M3TR3LL you will get the truth that’s my word. A mans’ word is his bond, I choose not to break mine. Expect new projects coming out. I have a YouTube channel (cockrunner15) where I will be doing a workout video a segment for abs and how to build and define at the same time. Also look out for a single from me in the next 2 months or so. Things are moving really fast with my music. Also, thinking about starting my own series on my Chanel. “Keeping it Real with Metrell” where we talk about everything with no censors. That’s it for now.

Jamari I really appreciate you reaching out to do an interview, sorry it took so long but I told you I got you! Thank you, for the constant support man. It’s greatly appreciated.

For everyone else thank you guys for supporting and believing in me. Support in this industry means so much and I appreciate each of you. You can keep in touch and talk to me on twitter I talk to EVERYONE! When I’m on lol. @M3TR3LL hit me up. Much love guys!


… and thank you metrell for being my first.
…whose next?

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  1. number 6 was a very foolish question, what makes it shocking he is interested in those things? smh. then again, thats why you reason like YOU do

  2. Great interview Jamari!!! I really like his story on ADTV too. He seems like a great guy

    P.S I’m not here for his singing tho

  3. Wow, that was a great interview. I admit I have never heard of this guy, he looks vaguely familiar, but I dont know. What I do know is that more people need to be honest when they are being interviewed like this dude. Very refreshing to admit that he was human and made lots of mistakes, he is not some fake robot who has no flaws, like so many people try to portray themselves in the media these days. Its pointless to think no one is going to have an opinion about you in this media obsessed society. He seems like a humble spirit, and I hopes he goes to the top. Jamari, bring us more interviews. Will definetly support this brotha.

    1. ^when I interview anyone,
      they will be honest.
      i won’t be ignorant with nasty questions or things to embarrass them,
      but I do want you to feel comfortable enough to answer what I’m asking.

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