MEAT: (668)

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.05.02 PMyou know i love when his meat is set up like this…

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “MEAT: (668)”

      1. His ig: marvin_tilliere He’s kinda hush hush about his love life on ig o if he has one, but something tells me he prefer bussy over pussy

        Btw do you know XL is 23 yrs old (my age)? I remember watching XL when I was 18 so that means he was 18 doing porn

  1. Yes, he is nice. You know, it’s something about these types that bother me. They’re just “too” perfect looking. They will always be nice to look at, and the part that bothers me is that they know it. I think I’m just getting to that point where I know that I think they’re attractive but I also know, that I would never want to come into contact with these pretty boy types (given that I would ever get an opportunity lol). They’re trouble!
    These guys are like candy, you know they’re bad for you, but you can’t resist, but it would never be your “diet” per se. Just a treat!
    But yeah, he’s cute lol.

    1. @Diggy…It’s always the good-looking ones that have “issues”! The ones I’ve dealt with had insecurity issues big time. I used to say to myself, this kat can have anyone he wants, and he acting like the most insecure mofo on the planet. Initially it would weird me out..but I got over it fast, and would leave them alone. I don’t do psychos! LOL

  2. Well damn, this dude is nice he got at least 15 minutes of being the next Tumblr, Instagram “IT” boy until the next one comes along, but I got to give it to him, he has put in that work in the gym.

  3. Hey Guys am from France and this guy once wanted to dat me he’s bisexual but a lil bit cocky and superficial. i also trained hard and have pretty much the same body except i am Brown. We flirted but it never got to the point we met he gave me his real phone number i think he’s too scare and he has issues with his sexuality.

  4. and just for th record 90% of them take steroids so it help their body to be more lean and shredded but the secondary efffects are just castastrophic so becaeful it’s great to fantasize but behind those hot body they’re going trough a lot of Dangerous substances

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