make it a list and check them wayward hoes twice

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” – Oprah Winfrey

i’d ride the bus with you or at least go half for on uber.

one day,
you and i will rise tho.

we’ll turn in that beat-up limo into our lambo to stardom,
cruising straight to our dreams.
funny thing is,
the folks who never gave us a second glance will suddenly be our best friends.
our DMS will go from dry to “yooooooo i see you!“.
those guys who curved us will finally put us on their “to do” list heavy.
do we indulge

or do we say “fuck you” and not in the way we wanted before?
i had to wonder…

Why is it that success makes everyone else so fake?

i’ve always believed in preparing for your come-up.
you never know when it’ll happen because it could happen tomorrow.
there’s one thing i need you to do for me…

Make a list of everyone who didn’t give a damn about you.
Jot down all the names of those who vanished,
un-followed you,
or ignored you when you were struggling.
Remember those who doubted you,
who laughed at your dreams,
and who didn’t believe in your potential.

when you make it,
those people are getting blacklisted.

no second chances,
no apologies accepted.
we’re done playing nice with fair-weather friends and family.

i’ve also got a separate list
the friends,

and Foxholers who stood by me when i was close to losing it.

my money and my mind.
those are the people i’ll always look out for.
their loyalty will never be forgotten and i’ll make sure to help them up whenever i can.

the thing about the come-up is we’re so excited to get there,
we forget how many others will try to fake it to get there with us.
they don’t care about us.
they just see us as another opportunity to use.
i get why issa rae said she doesn’t answer her DMS.

we gotta keep our circle tight and our spirits high.
after all,
the come-up isn’t just about making it

It’s about knowing who was there when you had nothing and who just showed up for the shine.

lowkey: one of the dumbest things i see people doing is underestimating people.
they also underestimate how much people remember how they were treated.

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