So About That Lionel Richie/Mariah Carey Concert…

so the night before,
i ate something that didn’t agree with me.
i felt sick af,
but immediately drank a “detox” tea to get whatever out of me.


even if i had to overdose on alkaseltzer,
i was going.
i woke up and felt much better than i did.
since the pretty vixen is a huge mariah stan,
i asked her to go.
she was also more familiar with lionel richie than me.
that concert was…

mariah was good,
but lionel richie damn near made me a new fan.
i didn’t know what to expect from mariah,
as i’ve seen the videos of her terrible performing.
i’m not too familiar with lionel’s music,
but some of the songs he performed,
i knew because i’ve heard my parents play them.

mariah was the first act.
she came out on a throne and was in full diva mode.

i was surprised she moved as much as she did.
she always likes someone to carry her,
but she actually walked on her own a few times.
i’m starting to think it’s the heels she wears.
it was kinda weird to see a “smaller” mariah on the big screen too.
it’s a reminder that she is getting older and probably out of fucks.

i was impressed with her live singing.
the pretty vixen said she struggled a few times,
but i didn’t hear it.
i just go with how the music makes me feel,
rather than breaking down a missing note or two.
i’m not a singer so i can’t “tell” who is off.
the pretty vixen sings.
unless you are obviously awful,
then i’ll judge.

i nearly cried during “one sweet day” tho.
she brought out trey lorenz to join her.
i remember him from one of her older songs.
that song reminds me of all of the ones i’ve lost through my life.
mariah even shed a tear while performing it.
another thing that shocked me was she had no “surprise guests”.
i’m so use to artists bringing out other artists they have worked with.
she did it all by alone with background singers and dancers.

mariah’s music has gotten me through some things.
i’m happy i got to experience her live.
lionel richie tho…

it seemed like after mariah,
most of the black folks left,
and all the whites came in.
when i say they were involved:

i didn’t know lionel had fans and stans like THAT!
he had everyone dancing and singing,
but i liked how he interacted with the audience.
it felt very personable and he had a lot of hits to back it up.
i found myself dancing to songs i didn’t even know.
lionel is lit.

he lit.
i didn’t even know he sung “brick house”.
i’m interested in seeing tremaine/chris/r&b male wolf in concert.
lionel was a vibe when he was on stage.
i want to see if i’ll get that same vibe with them.
i’m willing to deal with screaming vixens for the experience.
…i think.

all in all,
i had a GREAT time.
we had good seats and access to the vip lounge.
my iphone 7 plus did me good tho.
thank GOD for a bigger phone.
i wanted to make sure i got footage for the foxhole.
by the time i got home,
my phone was on 3%.
i’m so grateful for the tickets and more of these exclusives to come.

lowkey: mary and lil kim was in the city last night.
that’s why times square was so damn crazy.
crazier than usual.

19 thoughts on “So About That Lionel Richie/Mariah Carey Concert…

  1. I told you Lionel put on a show. Lionel will be back in Vegas too …. MJB was also at MSG last night in the theater.

  2. Wow, great! I’m glad you had a good time!

    I wish I had the opportunity to see her when she was younger, b4 all the glitz and glam. Now THAT would be a sight to see!

  3. Glad you enjoyed yourself and that the show was great. I really love Mariah and I would love to see her before she calls it quits. Lionel is pure cat daddy and I enjoy his music as well. Hopefully you will continue to go to more concerts.

  4. Ugh I need to see Mariah in concert before she eventually retires. She really is the last of a dying breed.

    Lionel Richie is from The Commodores so I knew he had hits lol

  5. Jamari, today’s my birthday and I’m so glad that you made this post!! You have no idea how elated I am that you posted these videos. Thank you so much!

    1. ^HAPPY BIRTHDAY RR!!!!!!

      i have one more present i forgot to upload.
      mariah singing “we belong together”.
      i’m gonna put it on youtube now!
      i hope you have a great day ahead and a new year of nothing but blessings!

  6. I really am
    Happy that you’ve had the chance to experience the wonderous stage performance delivered by Lionel Richie. he gives you a SHOW regardless of the location, the weather or the other circumstances. his catalogue dates back 40+ years. Lionel Richie is a true legend of the R&B/POP genres. The likes of Chris, Trey & August Alsina can only hold on to a prayer that they will somehow reach the heights of Lionel’s career. He is soooo deserving of the $15 million that his people are requesting he be paid to judge this season’s unnecessary American Idol contestants.

    1. ^lionel was PHENOMENAL!

      after seeing him,
      it was like almost seeing beyonce.
      i want THAT experience when i attend a concert/see a live performance.

  7. I would love to see Lionel Richie in concert. He has an amazing catalog of songs!
    Did he and Mariah duet on Endless Love?

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