(Lawd) Anthony Joshua Has Riled Up “Feminist Twitter” For Cancellation

boxing wolf,
anthony joshua,
is a teenage dream to me.
i think he is so sexy,
but unfortunately,
he’s on the way to being allegedly cancelled by feminist twitter.
he may have put his boxing gloves in his mouth,
but thing is,
it happened all the way back from his 2017 in “british gq”.
he was saying he was more strict with his niece than his son.
femininst twitter saying he is suffering from “toxic masculinity”.
this is what set everyone off in 2018

and these were some of ( x the tweets ) from “moments”:

stick and move anthony…

…stick and move.
i’ll admit the “man’s man” is off,
but i’m confused at the actual “issue” here.
it’s not like he says he beats or starves her.
i’m taking it that he is just being over-protective of her.
anthony isn’t problematic as this one:

even if he was wrong in what he said,
it’s not that serious for “cancellation”
so my next question is this:

Has freedom of speech been cancelled?

someone(s) is always getting offended over something.
everyone is ready to press “cancel” if another doesn’t fit into their own personal views and insecurities.
it’s getting really pathetic.
some things i can understand,
but other things i’m ready to say “get a grip”.
  a quote from an article from “2017” is trending?
well ya’ll can go ahead and cancel anthony,
but i’ll be missing that bus:

the only thing i’d be cancelling is my plans so i can ride him.

lowkey: same rules applied if he was unattractive.
folks too sensitive.

picture cc: mario seyer

29 thoughts on “(Lawd) Anthony Joshua Has Riled Up “Feminist Twitter” For Cancellation

  1. Also, what I’ve come to realize is that many people won’t challenge their problematic beliefs until they are confronted with it right in front of their very eyes. People always like to talk in hypothesises rather than reality or experience.

    I remember my dad would tell me & my brothers when we were kids that he would disown us if we were to come out as gay in a way to deter us (you can’t even “deter”
    somebody from being gay anyway).

    And the moment I came out as gay years later he didn’t take it as badly as my mom did. In fact he didn’t want to disown me, he wanted to “help me” (LOL).. He was worried rather than angry, he was in a panicked state. And ever since then I’ve never heard him mention anything about gay people since. That doesn’t mean that he is accepting of them, but it now shows that he’s somewhat forced to question/think about his beliefs because his own son says that he is gay. It may take years for somebody to change their beliefs but it’s always different when they’re slapped in the face with a scenario that is centered around that said belief.

  2. Sadly.. so many men AND women think like this smh. It sometimes makes me feel glad that I wasn’t born female. The GLOBAL policing & objectification of women is disgusting. I’ve seen older men in my family talk down on women just because they’re women and it makes me sick. The sad thing is that many women (especially in black/asian communities) are conditioned into thinking that they have to “know their place” due to this misogynistic upbringing, I just don’t agree with policing women while letting men exploit their privilege and “roam free”. This is why we live in a world full of entitled men who feel like they can own women.

  3. I took his comment as acknowledging or realizing that he isnt as strict with his son as he should and admittedly. .he doesn’t know why. I think every last one of is has some positions on things and behave idea why. .it just is. maybe he will do things differently but we are also taking a paragraph and assuming alot.

    as far as his niece …hes fully aware of the influences that degrade women,get them on videos, the next role as a love and hip hop star _/actress/video vixen. you see more degradation. of women so if his way is to prevent his niece from being victimized…he gives more attention and rules…thats hi girls learn how to be treated….by learning from the way their father figures treat them. boys have different challenges and neither sexes challenges were created by AJ.

    SN: it’s amazing how many males get their panties in a bunch when there are so many bigger issues to comment on that his views on how he chooses to raise his own kids

  4. There was nothing ambiguous or anything that could be misconstrued in his statement.

    Men like this see women as property. Of course women and men alike will still be lured in by his looks though, but this one of those cases when a man basically tells you “problematic” but you still associate good looks with being a good person *shrugs*.

    Crazy part is his niece will probably go on to do amazing things, while his son will be blowing through his money on pipe dreams all in the name of “building character”.

    I work with juveniles so I see it everyday. 16 year olds be out here robbing banks and their parents say they’re “finding themselves” lololol

    1. I agree with both of your comments and many of the other commenters. This isn’t a case of PC, this is a case of “he’s an idiot speaking from his male privilege” LOL. Again, like I said in my first comment, it’s easy to make comments like that as a man. It’s not however, as easy to make considerate comments about someone who has a completely different life experience than you and place yourself in their shoes BEFORE trying to teach her about “who/what/how she should be”. Why not help give the girl the damn tools to be able to choose for HERSELF what her destiny is? Now there’s a thought!

      He should stick to his day job and leave teh raising to her parents (if applicable) and herself.

  5. He can say whatever he wants, but he sounds very sexist and misogynist lol

    His thinking is the reason young black boys don’t feel the need to take responsibility for their actions or they think saying “my bad” absolves them of all wrongdoing.

    The older I get the more I realize we as a community literally stifle black women while we coddle black men and boys, and STILL black women are the ones owning more businesses, filling college campuses, and making more money smh.

    The killing part is even with all the coddling they get, some black men expect to be treated like kings.

    Freedom of speech isn’t freedom from getting dragged. You gotta have a thick skin to use that right.

  6. First this person has fame and therefore a large number of people listen to what he has you say. Raising a girl to be a wife is not OK when we don’t raise boys to be husbands. People are complex and raising girls with the focus to be domestic disregards the rest of their humanity. How will his niece become the next nobel peace prize recipient or president or anything outside the house when she has been taught she can only be a wife and mother. I understand many men feel this way but that doesn’t make it right. And all the more reason this famous person should be held accountable for his words because people are listening.
    It reminds me of when Barack Obama was elected and many people were saying, now black young people can feel like they can become president. Its about exposure and allowing people reach their full potential, and this guy is not doing that with his niece, he is limiting her potential by limiting her life choices.

  7. I think he should teach them about love and equality. The Might Morphin Feminine Rangers see this as toxic masculinity because it has gender edge to it. Honestly, he should apply strictness on both and not just one.

    His comment may not have been ill-willed but it was worded quite sloppily and order to understand the problem you have to get to the root.

    Seems okay but looking a little closer:

    He says two words in that statement that is enough to raise an eyebrow or two. Those two words he says are “My view”

    He actually sounds like a scribe from the darn Mideval Era.

    “Here ye, here ye. Let thy prince room and be free to do as he shall please, but the king’s daughter shall be confined to the walls of the castle because she is a princess and anything other than the sort is truly unladylike.”

    Very tricky statement. The problem here is his views are pretty one sided. What if she doesn’t want to get married? What if the boy turns out to be gay? More importantly, why do parents feel the need to mold their children into their own views of what they selfishly desire. Children need to be taught how to love, give respect and survive. Other than that, let them develop into their own being.

    But you know how folks be getting sometimes…It’s that boys can’t play with dolls kinda talk.

  8. Bill maher’s new Rules segment ended withe same sort of discussion…”feminist twitter”… “The Internet was shook”..”People are outraged”..so on and so forth when nothing could be further from the truth. This is so illustrative of making a moutain out of a mole hill..and no different from anAmerican Dad saying that he would rather kill his son than he be gay and we all know that this has been the case in these extremist times. Furthermore, masculinity is nor more ‘toxic’ than femininity is ‘weak’. The true poisons here are ignorance, knee-jerk-reactionism, and the failure to realise that this young girl will clearly one day do what the hell she wants with her life in the UK despite her uncle’s present hasty words and cultural rigidity. Folks need to chill and do their dayum due diligence BEFORE amening on these bot bits and troll dung. Just my 1 cent and 1/2 worth..Peace!

    1. If we replaced “son” with “niece” here, we would’ve gotten a much better answer than “be strict so she’ll make a good wife”.

  9. What he said was actually pretty damn stupid. He flat out told you he gonna let his son go be free (and possibly be a wild whore to “build his character”) and juxtaposed that with his niece who is gonna be trained from a child to be a doting wife. Why the difference? Why not be strict with his son also so that he can go be respectful and a good husband?

    As an aside, can we as gay men be mad that our pool of potential mates ain’t shit if we also think it’s perfectly fine to just let boys run amok with little guidance and accountability and grow into men who do the same thing? We have to check our patriarchy for own sakes too fellas. Feminists aren’t just grumbling out of boredom.

  10. A lot of hoopla about nothing. I’ll be cancelling work for the week to fly over to see that fine man.

    1. ^i think everyone will run to:

      “y’all think he is fine so he can do no wrong”

      which makes me wonder if he was ugly,
      would he be getting this much backlash?
      biggie and 2pac said worse,
      but we celebrate their legacy.
      jay z damn near called beyoncé his “bitch” in past songs and i don’t see pitchforks outside his concerts.

      1. You know people cherry pick and choose what and who they are outraged about, instead of topics and people that should really cause outrage.

      2. Let’s be honest here. Yall know the same people dragging him for this statement also drag Biggie and Tupac. If you don’t you, you should follow Black Feminist Twitter more often. They’re way more consistent than you think.

  11. he ain’t said nothing that a good 85% of men and probably 95% of black men already believe or grow up thinking. Ppl evolve and most times so does their thinking. His position may shift once he has a daughter or meets an outspoken no-nonsense partner but even if it doesn’t, that’s fine because he ain’t raising kids with nobody that’s got a problem with it. ppl kill me tryna be fake woke and bully ppl into their perspective. BUT he’s gotta do much more to get banished by me. A package in 6’6 don’t come around like this errday! 🧐😩😂

    1. ^i was looking for:

      “i make my niece stay in the house and cook for everyone.
      she can never leave.
      she is home schooled and walks around covered in a blanket.”

      something outrageous.
      that quote and everyone is running to banishment?
      ima need a recall on that paperwork.

  12. First and foremost I’m going to need people to stop shouting freedom of speech every time someone says something that upsets people..Freedom of speech just means that the government can’t punish, censor or oppress you for speaking. It’s doesn’t mean freedom from criticism, consequences or response from other people.

    Freedom of speech is a two way street and if you say something, especially on a public forum then people have the right, and are going to respond to what you say. It has nothing to do with being PC or overly sensitive so let’s please stop with that nonsense

    I’m not even going to get into the problematic nature of his statement because frankly if people can’t see the issue with him or any man raising their boys to be whatever they want to be and raising their daughters just to be wives then there’s no point in trying to explain it and I’m not wasting my energy just for it to fall on deaf ears

    1. ^folks can have freedom of speech and be criticized,
      but the amount of dragging and cancellation that comes from minor nonsense is getting ridiculous.
      he shouldn’t be cancelled over that comment.
      if folks feel so strongly about what he said,
      then show him examples and lead him to another way of thinking.

      i’m waiting for “he should know better! he is too old” next.

      at this point,
      everyone can’t win for losing.
      they could as well shut up and not say anything.

    2. I’m with KJD on this one. I disagree with his statement, and his thinking, it suggests he has a very limited perspective of gender dynamics and gender bias, and that can probably be applied to his views on sexuality, and other social issues. I think RK wa suggesting that if his son was to “build character” by running around having sex with men, I wonder if he would still view it as “building character” lol.

      The way I took it was, he’s just another typical ignorant man. Part of the vast 90%. Extremists who were offended by his statement of course are going to want him “banished”, that’s how the internet works, but not real life. He’s not being banished by anyone. If we “banished” everyone with 1/4 of a brain, there really wouldn’t be any famous people lol.

      Just because his statement wasn’t absoutely outrageous doesn’t mean it isn’t limited or negative. I’m usually with you Jamari in the case of people being too extreme with the PC culture, but sometimes, people actually have a point. I would argue, this is one of those times. It’s easy to look over your shoulder over small comments like that when you’re not part of that social group. I understand what his intentions may be, but, he kind of just showed his ass.

      While banishmentmay be extreme, it’s very easy for him to say that as a man. All I’m saying.

      1. ^okay so what’s next?
        what are everyone who is upset as a collective gonna do about it?
        never support him?
        okay cool.
        he still has support from others who think like him or don’t really care.
        he probably won’t change his opinion or he’ll say he’s sorry and let the backlash subside.

        whats the end game?
        he gets some backlash for a week and someone else says something we hate and we forget all about him to move onto the next outrage.
        he goes and takes pictures with sick babies,
        rescue a cat from a tree,
        publicly gets with a black vixen,
        and he’s back in public favor.

        this shows me everyone is entitled to human error.
        when did we forget that?
        or are we all so perfect in our own lives that we expect everyone to be the same?

      2. *sigh* what’s next? You’re asking the wrong person. I don’t know who this guy is so I don’t have a stake in this race, he’s not one of my priorities, whatever happens to him is none of my business nor does it interest me. I just don’t agree with his statement or thinking. It seemed very short-sighted to me. And we are in agreement about banishment, it doesn’t exist for the very same reasons that you stated in your comment so idk what that was about lol.

        So you think his statement was made in error? I think he accurately conveyed what he was really thinking, that’s what I was criticizing; his ideology, so there wasn’t any “human error” in the first place, so that whole bit about perfection doesn’t apply. Charlamagne The God said the same thing about everyone thinking they’re “experts on everything” when we was being schooled about the whole afro latino debacle…I’ll just leave it there.

      3. Let me make something else clear. Just because I don’t agree with his statement doesn’t mean I’m suggesting he has negative intentions for his niece, and on the other foot, just because he may be trying to look out for his niece doesn’t mean his approach isn’t misguided. He can have good intentions, and still do more harm than good despite good intentions. That’s the “take home” point here. Sure he’s trying to be protective, but is he really “protecting” her? His son may not need the same type of protection as she does but maybe the same or similar approach should be applied to his son as well? It’s just interesting…

  13. Instead of spreading his wings, he better hope his son doesn’t end up spreading his butt cheeks.

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