Lance Gross Doesn’t Like Women Who Social Network


So as you all know,
Lance Gross tweeted his number the other day on Twitter, discreetly.
He explains in a recent interview what happened and why he would not want his lady tweeting or booking.


Courtesy of: Necole Bitchie


so, will he stop using his when he gets into a relationship?


… and whoever does his event makeup really needs to match his complexion better. 


But, Lance I see how you like to keep a hold on your woman.




Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “Lance Gross Doesn’t Like Women Who Social Network”

  1. Why is his chest so much lighter than his face? Who did that makeup — or is it baby powder?

    And yeah…holler at your boy, Lance. I’ll teach you how to be ‘discreet’ lolol

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