Kerry Rhodes After A Long Hard Day

KERRYRHODESif this is what kerry rhodes looks like after a long hard day of work,
how fast would it take for you to get home?

picture courtesy: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Kerry Rhodes After A Long Hard Day”

  1. I’ll make his ass wait.It’ll be karma for the teasing he always gives us.I’ll rush home but I’ll take my time walking up to the door.

  2. I’m sorry but I never understood the hype about Miss Kerryana smh On top of the fact that he got a banging body typical of most Baller Wolves, descent face, he doesn’t have me that impressed with him…I can’t get over the fact that he still managed to make a busted ass attention queen his Bottom bitch, pretended like America is on that Stevie Wonder when it came to the Shenanigans (which included eye raising pictures) of said Queen bottom bitch, and a Homo denial mindset that stretches longer than the African river that shares the same verbal pronunciation. Bye Kerrisha lol

    This coming from a DL Wolf like myself. Lol

    1. You sound bitter just b/c he didn’t pick you. Your tears are delicious, boo. And yes, Kerry is a beautiful guy. He has the face, the body, that ass and the class. Something you can’t have! Wahhh, wahhh, wahhh.

    2. ..And furthermore. Could you being a ‘DL Wolf’ be the reason that men like Kerry don’t want to date you? Kerry found Hollywood attractive b/c he was open and ‘real’. He wasn’t afraid to be himself and guess what? He got himself a beautiful man. If Hollywood was DL, Kerry wouldn’t have approached him #facts

      At the end of the day, stop projecting your insecurity on someone that was unafraid to be who he was and got the rewards (you thirstily reap) for it. If Kerry ever dates a guy, I hope he dates a flaming, rainbow, feminine, miss, queen, faggot.

  3. Handsome guy, great body. Gives me inspiration. I can see the appeal.. But a little too clean cut for me

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