Kanye Doesn’t Want To Be “The Pioneer of Queer Rap”

kanye doesn’t want you to see him a skirt any longer.
like this one ye:

or this one:

well it’s really a “kilt”.
after lord jamar ripped him a new one in the song,
he got a little “sensuhtives”.
he wants every site with him wearing a skirt wiped.
i’m sure i’m next.
he started with getty images

 Kanye West has reportedly ordered all photos of his appearance at the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert in New York City stricken from Getty Images’ photo wires – for reasons unknown.

The image, which we originally posted in a style story about Yeezy’s head-turning fashion statement, has drawn some ire (and that’s putting it lightly) from rapper Lord Jamar, who targets West’s “queer” style in his hugely homophobic new song, Lift Up Your Skirt.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5XvjYcVY6Y]

 Jamar, whose lyrics include the line “Black man lookin’ half a f-g,” has said that West is contributing to the feminization of the black man in hip-hop culture. “It’s not just jabs at Kanye West,” Jamar told SOHH.com. “It’s anybody promoting the feminization — of the Black man in hip-hop culture. … We’re not Irish. We’re not Europeans. Rocking kilts and all that is just another excuse to introduce that skirt style. … This has nothing to do with sexuality, who they choose to be with and all that, I’m not even talking about that. I’m talking specifically about, what is hip-hop? And that’s not hip-hop. Rocking dresses with mean faces, that’s not hip-hop.”


ye needs to accept he rocked that kilt.
why have them erased?
it’s out there so he really can’t do anything about it.
he needs to leave this alone.
lowkey: lord jamar says he isn’t a homophobe.
he just doesn’t agree with gays.
check what he told VLADTV:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIQ86AD63pA]

now listen to his breakdown of when gays in hiphop started…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8Wfw1QrAa8]

i think this “numb digga” needs to shut the hell up.
he sounds ignorant,
and still behind in the times.
have we not evolved as humans?
this ain’t the 90s.
get that shit out of my presence and come with a better point.

sounds like a “nitter bigga”.
kanye looking like a punk having the shit erased.
a man has to comfortable with his decisions; good or bad.
that being said,
he would have told lord jamar:


…and kept shit moving.
that’s what standing tall and being a MAN is really about.

8 thoughts on “Kanye Doesn’t Want To Be “The Pioneer of Queer Rap”

  1. lawdd the “model” boy in the pic is fam, I am gonna send him this video. LMAO
    But anyway..I agree with this jamar guy, like why do u want to rock skirts? And ASAP rocky needs to delete himself from hiphop ASAP

  2. Men should not be wearing skirts, period. Whether he rocked it or not, it’s just not a good look, especially for the young ones who are watching. They look up to us adults.

  3. I would have never known who “Lord Jamar” is if I didn’t click on this. It’s 2013 and we’re still calling people faggots & bothered by androgynous men 😐 Ugh. We’re going to control the world one day and have all these homophobic punks serving us.

  4. Why does this Ninja look like he is one payday loan away from being on the streets. Who even remember this dude, I never knew him but for nothing but acting in OZ, didnt know he was a rapper until OZ. Well he showed his dick and ass full frontal in OZ so he has many Gay men who can fantasize about him in all the flesh. His small narrow outlook is probably what has left him in the dust bins of irrelevancy. I cant believe Kanye is letting this get to him, he always give you un-bothered cunt, but maybe he is tired of all the Gay rumors and innuendos about him now that he is going to be a mother, oops I mean father.

  5. This all so silly it really doesn’t warrant any press first this dumb n**** is just trying to make a name for himself by stirring up shit and Kanye is dumb as rocks for responding if he didn’t want to be shown in a kilt he wouldn’t have worn it. And if he is so secure in his manhood he wouldn’t care what anyone says. Plus this mess about us not being European I guess he feels some of the traditional tribal garments of our ancestors is effeminate, also fool pants is a modern invention men wore kilts,robes,togas etc for thousands of years.

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