inkmonstarr wants to fly you out and smash (for a limited time only)

i’ve never heard of inkmonstarr.
he is a rapping wolf of some kind.


in this climate,
he has onlyfans as well.
at this point,
how many folks don’t have one?
he has no issues showing his big pipe and ass.
a foxholer sent in that he chipped two teeth while eating an apple and needs your help:

i guess he is making it up to his audience by

…having a “fuck-a-fan” contest.

males and vixens?
not only that,
you’ll be getting flown out too?
excuse me.
if any of the foxhole enters the contest,
i’m gonna need all the juicy details.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “inkmonstarr wants to fly you out and smash (for a limited time only)”

  1. He’s been linked to Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Star, which makes him less attractive to me. Reminds me of Andre Marhold. Moneysexual who will sleep with ANYONE OR ANYTHING as long as the price is right. Aka NO STANDARDS.

    1. That part. But gay can often be synonymous w idiot when it comes to a basic looking straight dude. The most idiotic part is, if you wana sleep w him, why not just inquire about an escort date (set price) instead of entering some contest where you don’t know the result (and might end up over paying)? Either way, like I said, you’d have to be a damn fool paying to enter a contest.

  2. Off topic, but this is why everything (most things actually) that’s “poppin” Aint POPPIN! Everybody flyin out to Columbia to get them damn veneers popped in they mouth & now they can’t even bite a damn APPLE! This has happened to “Gigi gorgeous” “Alexis Skyy” and a few other “influencers” they all paid crazy $ for veneers to end up having to pay again to get them fixed

  3. The gays are going to live! I can’t imagine that many women are willing to sign up so if this is legit I would wager a man getting picked. Fingers crossed it’s a fox from our part of the woods to give us the tea or at least the F.BI hooks you up with the deets.

  4. He is really fine I love his voice face body ass dick etc etc however momma ain’t raise no fool I wouldn’t dare I’d get his only fans that’s it scam alert so if I tip 400 that might be the biggest how would I know I’m cool on that I can fuck a fine red bone for free

  5. I know what the point of this post really is but the first thing that came to my mindd when i was reading was “see this why I slice my apples” 😂. But fr this is when having benefits really comes in handy. I’m assuming he’s not one of those “top 1.26537474736% OF” like everyone Twitter bio be saying now cause apparently they pull in over $10k a month or maybe that money is already spent. Either way I wish him the best cause those dentist office bills ain’t no joke 😖

  6. He only messed with white people or white latinas lol. It’s def a scam. I was subscribed to him for months.

  7. If he need money for his teeth how can he afford to fly anyone out? Sounds like either a potential robbery or a scam after getting the money

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