if he wants to f*ck a dude in the butt, he gon’ f*ck a dude in the butt

…and some folks gonna have to learn to deal.
it’s interesting how unapologetically bisexual some males are.
what a time to be alive?
males are more confident with what they like sexually these days,
even if it involves another male or trans vixen.
i’d love to meet one i’m actually attracted too. 
so everyone meet the following wolf.
name is a question mark.
he had something to say about males and his sexuality on his fb live.
a foxholer sent me this

excuse me.

he’s right tho.

Who he chooses to fuck is truly no one’s business

your sex life is your own.
as long as it’s safe,
what’s the issue?
please don’t tell me it’s against the bible either.

lowkey: no one gets on the straights for their fetishes.
we got entire vixens strappin up their boyfriends/husbands.
vixens are eating the whole male booty cheeks now too.
if it provides a good nut,
i am stressin’ it.

16 thoughts on “if he wants to f*ck a dude in the butt, he gon’ f*ck a dude in the butt

  1. I am glad he was not afraid to say this at all. There are so many people not being honest about their true identity unless they are in private with a person they trust, then there are the ones that are never able to be themselves until they grow older. Life is too short to constant worry about the onions of others because people will always have something negative to say regardless of the circumstances.

  2. First @JimmyDean16,

    While I don’t disagree with your views on it being a coverup for certain things I do disagree with you on some levels because there are elements of truth in the Bible too. Okay so..

    Just because you “desire” something doesn’t make it wholesome “right and justified” as the human experience. People desire a lot of things & some desires have consequences & all of them are not good. Period. Your desires can lead you to cheat, steal, kill, rape..etc. I’ll wrap it up after the next part.


    I’m a man, not a female. I know it’s slang but the cattiness is not needed to make a point. Speaking of which….

    Where in my OP did I say God issued out STDs for sins?

    I said: “It was used as a warning because of the risks of spreading disease… But the warning was more of a out how people have multiple sex partners & thrive on raw sex or do “ritualistic things”. ”

    Um, that’s exactly how STDs are spread. Multiple sex partners and unprotected sex.

    Not to make this too long. The Bible says man on man sex is an abomination. Is it lying…Well, generally no. An abomination is something detestable (unclean). Did they have condoms and FLEET back then? Of course not. They fucked raw & probably had half clean asses too. You’d be ignorant to think you aren’t going to catch something screwing around with different folks. Yet and still, people do it today..if you don’t think it’s a problem, check the STD stats per year…

    The Bible also speaks against having sex with women while they are on their periods…(yes, and straight people still do that to…😰).

    Cheating, Rape, Murder, Envy & Jealousy, Prostitution and many other things are also listed as sins for a reason & they all come from deep rooted DESIRE. The Bible says “the wages of sin are death.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that certain practices will lead to your death If you actively and nonchalantly do them.

    Sin is anything opposite of God. While, I’m not actively religious, I am spiritual. God, The Universe, Mother Nature, Buddah or wtf you want to call it definitely exists and this world was definitely created on a foundation of laws. If you don’t believe it..jump off your bed and watch the laws of gravity take affect. This world is based off of governing laws. There is no denying that. There is a cause and an effect system set up for EVERYTHING..Period.

    You honestly don’t think natural disasters are “natural” do you? They say it’s man-made and they are partially correct. It’s called Karma. Cause and Effect in action..The Laws taking affect. Anything opposite is going to get wiped “cleaned”.

    People (including straights & gays) have a problem with “certain things” in the Bible because they desire them & expect no consequences. It’s like this double edged sword. There is one group of people that are really evil though.

    While I don’t agree with everything the bible says (The New Testament) there are “some things” that have been proven based on the human experience. The main reason I don’t believe the one in America (or Christianity) is because this is the one blacks are following today and picked up during slavery and was modified based on “those controlling evil folks”.

    Shit…I posted this long rant again..Sorry…

    1. Also “Death” can either mean spiritual or mean physical or be both. From a spiritual standpoint this is where depression and all other forms of human aliments sprout…Physical is self explanatory.

  3. That man made me moist. Where is his confident aggressive sexy ass at? We need more dudes like him.

  4. Chile….what drugs are people on these day? I was actually waiting on him to say, “If he wants to take a dick up the ass he will,” lol.

    Chile, ain’t nobody thinking about heterosexual people & their ways. While, homosexuality is listed in the Bible as a sin, I agree with it in a half light. It was used as a warning because of the risks of spreading disease… But the warning was more of a out how people have multiple sex partners & thrive on raw sex or do “ritualistic things”. Diseases be having the time of their life & frankly, some people don’t care and will fuk anything. It’s more blah blah blah about not being a certified ho.

    I don’t play the raw sex game at all though. I wish my hub would. I prefer condoms since they are more hygenic.

    1. Chile that book is the worst fiction story ever told. Throw the whole thing away… it was used to cover up what we as human beings truly desire. Everything we love is a “sin” Chile boo we are human beings

      1. Sir I wish I could shake yo hand! You basically said it in a nutshell and just wish people would just educate themselves because if they did that bullshit book wouldn’t even fly so hat’s off to you for being smart. 👏

    2. Gurl please… if gawd was handing out STD for sins the majority of the earths population would be wiped out. FOH with the bs.

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