I Think This Is The Sickest Thing I Have Seen In A While…

i am so disturbed.
this is very graphic.
you have been warned

So Sad.. Never Let Jealousy Drive You To Do This To Any Woman: Jealous Man Stabs Girl In The Back Because He Couldn’t Be With Her!

as usual the comments on wshh were disgusting.

that knife was fuckin’ HUGE.
all because he wouldn’t be with his fat ass?
what made me sad is no one helped her.
i hope she didn’t die.

i’m looking for updates now with this story.

12 thoughts on “I Think This Is The Sickest Thing I Have Seen In A While…

  1. Once again, I say try to get to know as much as possible about people there are evil and sin sick individual that live and breathe each day and will do anything to keep a person who says I am not interested in you even result in death or some brutal act..

  2. i was reading the comments they was saying she didnt make it but im counting it as speculation until i see otherwise. regardless of what that is so fucked up and they was saying she was four months pregnant

  3. Just talked to one of my girlfriends and she revealed to me that she was shot two times (once in the back and once in the leg) because she politely told a dude, she wouldn’t not date him. He tried to shoot her in the head twice but the gun locked and he ended up running away. I hate the world we live in. She didn’t deserve that. NOBODY does..

    1. Chanel, right? Yeah I heard that too. It’s crazy what some dudes will do when their egos are bruised -.-

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