how to kill your trust fund boyfriend and get caught 3 years later

when you have something to offer behind your name,
you have to be very careful who you let in your life.
from having a good job,
connections in the industry,
or having a trust fund.
we like to use what we have to acquire who we want.

“If I let him know I have money/connections,
I can lure him into my bed even faster.”

it’s very manipulative on our part BUT it has worked on plenty.
in my head,
rashid young died because he met the wrong male who knew about him.
it didn’t help that he had a trust fund either.
his death is on the way to being solved after two years…

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested in the fatal 2019 stabbing of his boyfriend, whose unidentified body was discovered in a Philadelphia arboretum nearly three years ago.

Kenshaun Sheffield, 20, was taken into police custody in connection with the 2019 homicide of 22-year-old Rashid Young, officials announced Wednesday. He was arrested at his home in Philadelphia.

Police say the case remained unsolved for so long largely due to investigators being unable to positively identify Young’s remains.

Young vanished on Aug. 19, 2019 from his home in Pottstown, Pennsylvania — about 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia. He reportedly shared the home with Sheffield.

Shortly thereafter, Young’s family and friends received text messages from his phone cutting ties with them, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Just over a month later, then-unidentified and decomposing remains were discovered by a landscaper at the Awbury Arboretum in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Germantown. At the time, a post-mortem examination was unable to positively identify him, but a Pottstown-issued recycling bin, tracked to Young’s address, was found near the body, according to the paper.

Sheffield reported Young missing in December 2019, according to the Inquirer.

sidebar: the hyena was 17 when he allegedly killed rashid.

according to detectives on how this all went down:

Sheffield stabbed Young to death at his apartment on Aug. 19, 2019, and later intentionally flooded his home to destroy evidence. The Pottstown Police Department was called to the scene that summer by Young and Sheffield’s former landlord to investigate reports of flooding at the water-damaged dwelling. Officers found broken doors, holes in walls, and garbage scattered throughout the property, according to the Inquirer; Sheffield told police he was no longer in contact with Young after a fight, according to the paper.

Sheffield, however, allegedly had stuffed Young’s remains into the recycling container, which he transported to his mother’s home. A third person — who prosecutors list as a witness, according to the Inquirer — alleges that he helped Sheffield dig a hole at Awbury Arboretum for Young’s body; that person claimed to also have been romantically involved with Sheffield at the time of Young’s death.

Young, the witness told police, returned to the arboretum without the witness to dump and cover up his boyfriend’s body.

The messages to Young’s family and friends cutting ties, police allege, actually came from Sheffield, who they say accessed his boyfriend’s social media accounts and used his mobile phone to communicate with people to give the appearance the slain 22-year-old was still alive from August to December 2019. During that time, police allege, Sheffield made numerous withdrawals from the victim’s $2 million trust fund and was driving Young’s car. After he reported Young missing, the account was frozen.

this is kenshaun for your review:

did he have the atheist cross on his forehead before or after cause um…

what has me all the way messed up was the text cutting ties.

“Hi (friends, family, and foxhole of Jamari Fox),
I’m done here.
Thanks for the fun times and memories.
Don’t contact me again.

wouldn’t that strike people as weird?
was he not well-liked?


Did people know he was in a relationship with this person?

 this seems like a dl situation gone “deadly gold digger”.
you know how those situations usually end up.
the “deadly gold digger” always gets caught because they’re always stupid.
you can’t kill someone and then go spend their money.
i could be wrong in this theory of mine tho.
another thing:

The Feds are ALWAYS investigating.

ops are always on the case even when someone thinks it’s over.

i hope his loved ones can get justice and closure for his death.

article cc: yahoo

6 thoughts on “how to kill your trust fund boyfriend and get caught 3 years later

  1. See this is what happens when you don’t have people to let you know, he was a chop from the get go. That cross in the middle, yeah I’m good. The fact they sent him money and didn’t visit him should have been a sign, he was an outcast from the family. He was a perfect target for this demon. They say the devil walks the earth in plain clothes and this is another one of his mugshots. Two years and the family quiet about it, I’m sorry but I think the family was low key glad he was dead too. You can not tell me you get a message like that and you don’t pop up. It ain’t like you don’t have the money, he is a trust fund kid. Even King Joffe Jofer came to see Akeem when Semi requested money and to don’t bother to come see him. This just doesn’t seem right.

  2. Never let just anybody know what you have. That’s what is dangerous about the world we live in now where everyone wants to be flashy and show off. No one would have known about that money but me and God.

  3. Is it just me, or can anyone else “LOOK” at a person and see something is “Off” ?

    The “Charles Manson ” cross in the middle of his forehead
    The Painful looking piercings adjacent too the ” Manson” Cross
    The Blonde hair ( for someone who is DL)

    I would never date someone with all these combined characteristics . I do not care if anyone thinks I’m too Judgmental

    My Black Azz is still here living and breathing due to a little apprehensiveness to whom I lay down with!!

    Dick is not THAT good my brothers. And a Nut last mere second!!!!

    1. All of the above! My black queer ass is still here because I’m apprehensive, selective and discerning. He wouldn’t make the cut!

  4. Yeah, this is terrifying. And that tattoo points out his demonic energy perfectly. I hope he doesn’t have more victims.

    And how did the trust fund withdrawals NOT GO NOTICED???????

    Anyway, I am not there financially, but whenever I tell guys what I am working on…I can always hear the cha ching in their minds.

    Men see potential and if you’re on the path to it, will act fake trying to get a piece.

    I saw a woman say she got married and was leaving a job for another one and it wouldn’t start until a month later, so she asked her new husband to spot her some for expenses until. You know this mofo said “How much do you need?” and “I ain’t got it” when he was making six figures.

    TO HIS WIFE. What hope do gay men have?

    Jamari….these men are not ish. I will NEVA give him my bank account details. We can have a joint account for buying gifts for each other, but that’s it. I will act broke until I leave this Earth. You will get with me for everything but a come up.

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