Foxy Lifestyle: NO BOYS ALLOWED.

Would you date him?
If you said “YES”….

ya damn PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you said “NO” like you should have,
then that means you do not date BOYS.
And lets be honest, a lot of Wolves act like they still in high-school.
Some of them act like they didn’t make it out of 5th grade.
So my question to you Foxes….

Why do we allow BOYS,
disguised as grown ass men,
to come into our lives and make us feel like we are 14 again?

S/N: Keri Hilson has a new album titled “No Boys Allowed”.
I got an advanced copy of her album and it is GOOD.
At first I thought she was segregating her listeners,
but when she broke down the meaning on Youtube,
I was hooked and it made me think…

Foxes, real word, you should not be dating BOYS.
Not the BOY in the picture I posted (well you shouldn’t date HIM either),
but a men who are still mentally acting like BOYS.

BOYS are not Wolves.
BOYS are Cubs and furthermore you are NOT his parent or babysitter….

Foxes can fall victim to BOYS.
Lazy, no job, broke, and want to play X Box all day.
The X-Box you MAY have bought for him.
BOYS are not about their business.
Their idea of business is when Game-stop is open to trade video games.
Or when is Macys stocking their new Polo or True Religions.
BOYS play games.
Your relationship with him should NOT be similar to Mario, or even Street Fighter.
There is no extra lives when he fucks up.
It really should be GAME OVER.
BOYS are mentally undeveloped to carry on a conversation.
Texting one word conversations is NOT stimulating.
The only time we actually talk about something is when it is time to fuck.
Can a Fox find out how your day went without “cool” as the response?

I Don’t know about U but…


Men know how to communicate effectively.
Men know text AND call.
Men will let you know they are interested and pursing more.
Men will let you know they are not interested and not lead you on.
Men have money: in checking AND savings.
Men are clean and know proper hygiene.
Men know the difference between a whore and a freak.
Men know what pleases you and what turns you off.
Men know what spots to hit and are open to you hitting their spot.
Men know how to argue and come up with solutions to problems.
Men won’t even talk to you if YOU aren’t up on your goals.
Men are not messy and know how to multitask.

Men are confident.
BOYS are still trying to develop confidence.

Even if he is 19 or 20,
I can rock with you if you are not acting like a damn little BOY.

Leave the BOYS to the LITTLE GIRLS.

You are way to old to be playing with BOYS anyway.


7 thoughts on “Foxy Lifestyle: NO BOYS ALLOWED.

    1. hanging out in the afternoon on the patio of the deli near the high school as the bois walk to the train station ………. you do the math !

  1. good good well written ….. now if you are a certain blogger the picture looks like the age he recruits his proteges/young neighbors…..

      1. READ!!! Eddie Long is not the only one, there is a culture around that here in ATL. I look at his blog from time to time like…. what do they see in you? Who is this supposed neighbor?? Who is letting their ancestor get away with this???

        But anyway, This is what I’m talkin’ about. Time to meet men who bring about healthy, positive relationships.

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