we are going back in time.
to a place where music was great.
that time?
the 90s.
the battle?




















..and be honest.
this isn’t a discussion about vocal talent.
this is about what their music meant to you and whose album did you wear out.
in picking your answer,
take into consideration

can you play without skipping tracks?
best lyrical content?
best image?
have the most memories?
songs made you feel good?
who inspired you?

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23 thoughts on “FOR THE RECORD: (5)”

  1. My baby, Mya, takes it for me! Case of the Ex, Lie Detector, & That’s Why I Wanna Fight take me back to my bad days. I was always messing with those bad boys that kept eye candy by the dozens. Mya had the best image to me. Not because of how skimpy her clothes were, but because she’s so cute and her body is on POINT and she always seemed comfortable in her own skin. Her legs are killer. I have the most memories to That’s Why I Wanna Fight lol “I wanna fuss and fight then make it up tonight” Enough said. Fear of Flying was prob the song that made me feel good. Mya still to this day inspires me. She’s got her own record label and everything. She’s super spiritual and positive and her latest album has a song for every mood known to man lol.

  2. Aaliyah hands down. “One in a million” was the shit. “Never Giving Up” “4 Page Letter” and “Heart Broken” were songs that touched me. Aaliyah was a creative artist and her songs had good lyrics.

  3. I would have to go with Brandy, actually was not a fan at the time of this release, but 2 of these songs on this album are my all time favorite Brandy songs, She made me take notice with this release of being more than just a bubblegum artist, she has a sultry tone out of this world, as a music person its hard not for me to not take vocals into consideration when judging these efforts, Brandy is sort of in a league of her own vocally. But I must say that all of these albums were very good, and they are outstanding considering what passes for music these days.

  4. ooooooh that was when music was GOOD! It’s a tie between Brandy and Aaliyah!

    Brandy’s first album was great but her second album made her a household name. It showcased a more mature Brandy, a girl who was becoming a young woman. You FELT what Brandy was singing. None of her albums can touch the magic that NSN has. She was already a star with Moesha but NSN was that album! Her duet with Monica was THE song of that era! They played the hell out of that song. She was even apart of the elite lineup for DIVAS LIVE which was the shit back in the day! Who didn’t love ‘Have You Ever’?

    Aaliyah could do no wrong with me. Her OIAM album was my favorite album. The title track was always on the radio esp in the late nights while studying (or gettin’ busy)! Her videos were always on point!Like Brandy, Aaliyah was becoming a young woman and shedding her tomboy image. I STILL play some of those tracks from the album….Choosey Lover, Hot Like Fire (remix), One In A Million,Got To Give It Up, and Girl Like You! Damn now I gotta go find my collection of CDS…lol

    Mya’s second album was cool. I LOVED LOVED LOVED ‘Case Of The Ex’! We used to try to remake the dance routine in talent shows with the sticks and stuff…damn the memories!

    Monica’s album was shit. I played ‘First Night’ OUT!

  5. can i tell you guys how much i love reading about why you liked a particular album.
    it makes me feels so connected to everyone.
    love that this one brought back memories for everyone.

  6. I can’t decide between Brandy, Monica, & Aaliyah. Hot Like Fire, Angel in Disguise, First Night…I had all three albums. I think I could only bump Brandy or Monica all the way through, but each one had tracks I had to hear…

  7. I ususally give a direct answer but, This one is Definatley tied between Aaliyah and Brandy. They both has smash albums. Never say never & One in a million are both masterpieces.

  8. MONICA slayed all them ho’s with THE BOY IS MINE singles singles singles… that project made MONICA a superstar

  9. It’s a toss up between Brandy and Aaliyah. Those were the only two albums that I could listen to any any given moment. Monica has an incredible voice, but she needed better material.

  10. Mya “Case of the Ex” and “Best of Me(remix)” i still play best of me remix to this day…that song is sooo sexy.

    I really love Monica but I don’t listen to “The Boy Is Mine” album all the way through. It has really great gems but I dunno if it’s the best.

    This is really between Aaliyah and Brandy I dunno which one to say though but i love both, I can listen to both anytime.

    Never Say Never album, “Angel In Disguise”, ” The Boy is Mine” “Almost Doesn’t Count”, “Have You Ever”, “Truthfully” and “Put That On Everything” I fucking loveeee “Put That On Everything” I would lie in the swing under the tree with my cd player with than song on repeat in the middle of the night, it’s ridiculous.

    One In A Million. Aaliyah can do no wrong, “Never Giving Up”, “Heartbroken” “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”, “4 Page Letter”, “If Your Girl Only Knew” and “One In A Million”. It sucks she’s gone and we won’t have new music from her.

    But I think it’s a tie between Aaliyah and Brandy

  11. I will give this one to Aaliyah because Brandy won on the debut album post. Both albums were amazing though. Reminds me of the time when people made albums and not just singles. Seems so long ago…lol

  12. this was a tough one for me.
    i love all their albums for different reasons.
    for me,
    this is a tie between aaliyah and mya.
    i felt like i related with their music more.
    they talked about things i was going through with wolves.
    they were both very upfront and i liked that.
    but again,
    i would choose all.

    mya had a lot of good upbeat tracks that showcased her personality.
    i loved best of me, case of the x, that’s why i want to fight, free, lie detector, no tears on this pillow, and best of me remix.

    i liked aaliyah’s album a lot more.
    she worked so well with missy. static, and tim.
    the chemistry was evident in every song.
    i miss her.

  13. This is why the 90’s was like the renaissance of R&B. There was room for everyone because everyone brought something different to the table. You had these younger R&B girls all coexisting and you could be fans of all of them. Then you had the vets: Mariah, Mary, Toni, Whitney, Lauryn, and Faith too. Looking back, how amazing is that?

    That’s why when you hop in my ride you’ll only hear music from the 90’s. If you’re lucky enough to actually see my bedroom you can bet money you’re more likely to hear The Isley Brothers or the S.O.S. band playing…and you’ll know its about to go down. lol

    1. “There was room for everyone because everyone brought something different to the table.”

      This is such a great statement. All of these women had TALENT, and we could all truly appreciate their respective personalities. Even the stans in the ’90s had better sense…folks could like more than one artist without it becoming a competition.

      “Never Say Never” is a classic. For me, “Almost Doesn’t Count” and “Have You Ever?” are songs that are still on heavy rotation to this day.

  14. damn just seeing these makes me want all these woman back on top! They were actually giving us GOOD music and very classy with it! They could actually sing, no gimmicks, no publicity stunts, no auto tune, just good quality music with SUBSTANCE. shame what music has come too. I need Brandy and Mo to keep pushing with R&B . It was slowly slowly dying but after certain releases this year ( Frank Ocean, Brandy, Miguel, Tamia) i think there’s hope.

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