FACIAL: (14)

tumblr_nn2iowqSn31r7993do1_540i love how perfect his beard is.
even tho its scruffy,
it gives him a real “bad wolf” appeal.
a beard can really do wonders to your face and lips.
…and do things to my body as well.

tumblr_nkeitu8yzi1ql5yr7o2_500 tumblr_nkeitu8yzi1ql5yr7o1_500

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “FACIAL: (14)”

  1. ^I agree Jamari! A beard makes some guys look hella sexy!!
    I’m lovin’ the facial hair on Russell Wilson right now!!

  2. I like both clean shaven, and facial hair, depends on the man! On him,its very sexy! Being an eyes and lips man, I love the way it frames his jiucy lips. *sigh*
    Pretty eyes too.
    His hair looks hella soft too.
    Where’s mine?

  3. Facial hair and body hair in general do it for me. Not excessive Chewbacca type hair but a nice amount lol. I don’t think I could date a man with no type of facial hair. You have to have a lil something.

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