Everyone Wants Bylynn Hatcher To Respond To Their Calls

speaking of pigs,
let’s get into the following.
or him getting into us.
i don’t know.
so i know,
that you know,
fuckin with the hunters might be a bad decision.
the hunters in “foxhole talk” are “police officers”.
most of them are crazy af and can make your life a living hell.
^that pre baller wolf turned into a hunter who lives in gainesville, fl.
he was the first responder during hurricane irma.
his name is officer bylynn hatcher and…

…i’d have a hard time ignoring him if he wanted to chop me it up.
i’m not perfect.
*kevin hart voice in font*
you know some of these wolves out here be so so SO wrong.
your spirit be like “RUN”,
but your burning loins be like:


you aren’t perfect either.
i can see why eve bit the apple now.
all we know is:

(allegedly) single
social medias are private
has a cub
was a bad wolf; turned good
played basketball at ashland university; position: forward
(allegedly) will have a calendar coming out with other hot hunters

…but again,
he is a hunter soooooooo
be wary in your lusty spirit.
good job on handling the folks during irma bylynn tho.
if you aren’t a fuck jackal,
i’ll certainly allow you.

lowkey: if bylynn takes off his clothes and looks like this…

*loins start to burn*

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Everyone Wants Bylynn Hatcher To Respond To Their Calls”

      1. Robin from HLN interviewed and she said he was recently married.
        Hope it’s strong…’cause the attention is on fire right now and ass will be thrown at him left and right!

        His fellow officer in the hat w/ beard is handsome too.

    1. Ha, right I was gonna say the same thing…idk if I’d go as far as callin him a neo-nazi (yeah, I know: walks like a duck…..) but he’s def got some fucked up bigoted/anti-semetic leanings and posted his word vomit on his SM accounts…cuties wear cyber hoods too!

  1. Officer Bylynn Hatcher could get it all!!! This man is so good looking. I saw him shirtless on his Facebook profile before he made it private and I can def say he has the physique. There is one grainy photo on google with him shirtless tho.

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