dial “d” for “don’t look for dick online anymore”

chat and sex sites are officially canceled.
the criminal hyenas have realized how to target gays,
especially the ones who are dl.
a foxholer sent me two more stories about robbery and murder…

Wayne county prosecutors have charged two Detroit men for their involvement in the murder of a gay man.

The Fair Michigan Justice Project (FMJP) assisted prosecutors in charging both 28-year-old Anthony Brock and 30-year-old Darnell Wilson with first-degree murder and other crimes in the killing of Diano Johnson.

Brock and Wilson were charged with one count each of first degree murder, felony murder, armed robbery, carjacking, unlawful imprisonment, felon in possession of a firearm, and six counts of use of a firearm, prosecutors say.

Brock was also charged with arson for allegedly setting Johnson’s car on fire, according to prosecutors.

On June 19, Brock arranged to meet Diano Johnson after the two men met on Facebook. Prosecutors say it is alleged that Brock locked Johnson in the trunk of the victim’s car and drove to pick up Wilson. The two suspects then allegedly got a firearm, drove to the city’s east side with Johsnon still in the truck of his own car, where they dragged him from the car and shot him multiple times.

The next morning, Brock allegedly set Johnson’s car on fire, burning his legs in the process, prosecutors say.

Detroit Police officers discovered Johnson’s body on June 21. An investigation by the Detroit Police Department resulted in the arrest of Brock on June 25, 2019 and Wilson on July 12, 2019.

Both are expected to be arraigned July 15 at the 36th District Court.

When asked if these two suspects were affiliated with Demetrius Nelson, sources told Craig they were not. But all three were exploiting “down low” gay people whose families were unaware of the person’s sexuality. These victims may be less likely to report the crimes due to fear of being outed.

*see underlined.

A Florida man has been arrested on suspicion of luring robbery victims through online dating apps despite being apparently engaged to be married.

Tavares Wilson, 31, is accused of tricking men into meeting him at an apartment complex where he then allegedly robbed them at gunpoint, ABC News reported. 

Police said there have been at least five reports of robberies fitting that description, along with countless unreported incidents of a similar nature, since January. 

He was taken into custody by the Gainesville Police Department on July 11, assisting in the case being handled by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

Wilson, who runs a cartoon character costume business called ‘Costume N More’ according to his Facebook pages, remains in custody facing three second degree felonies, a third degree felony and a first degree misdemeanor.

Police said that Wilson confessed to the robberies when he was taken into custody on Thursday.

He had illegal drugs and a weapon in his possession at the time of this arrest, authorities said.  

On social media, Wilson paints a picture of a man who doesn’t respect thieves and is in very much in love with a woman who was soon-to-be his wife, as of April 8. 

oh he was “one of them” on social media.

jamari fox is good.
jackin’ off has been good to me so far.
i get a good night’s sleep and i can wake up to see another day.
sooner than later,
you won’t be able to meet anyone offline.

article cc: wxyz | daily mail

9 thoughts on “dial “d” for “don’t look for dick online anymore”

  1. A couple years ago I met someone on a chat line and took my fast ass to meet them at his apartment complex. We drove around to found a secluded spot and did the do in the car which was a good session. I then dropped them back off at his spot and that’s when the firearm came out. He told to give up my wallet or else, So I told him to shoot me and grabbed and bit his hand. the gun fell I grabbed it and he ran out of my car.. Ever since then I don’t do random hook ups without heavily screening.

  2. You know they are bold when they are using Facebook to seek out people. They are truly preying on individuals fear of being outed. Sad and disgusting

  3. These stories just underscore that you have to be extra careful nowadays. There was a period when the predator hyenas didn’t even know about gay/bi/pan dating apps, then they did but stayed far away from them, and now they’ve figured out they can find easy targets on them.

    It’s disgusting and my heart goes out to the men who’ve been hurt and killed by these predators.

    In terms of meeting people, it suggests the bars aren’t passe at all, because at least other people see the person you’re talking to and possibly hooking up with.

    For people who want casual sex, it almost makes an argument for the return of bath houses, sex clubs or similar spaces, like bar back rooms, where men can congregate, have sex and you have to provide ID to get in, so no one can pull off dangerous scams like this. In the bathhouse and sex clubs, you can only carry a towel at most…no guns, knives or any other weapons are possible.

    Everybody, please be safe out there!

    1. ^you make a good point about the bath house and back rooms.
      it’s going back to the times when folks had to hide to have sex,
      but with this era,
      it’s too protect you from hate and ignorance.

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