dial “d” for “don’t look for dick online anymore”

chat and sex sites are officially canceled.
the criminal hyenas have realized how to target gays,
especially the ones who are dl.
a foxholer sent me two more stories about robbery and murder…
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Bedtime Stories About Sex Sites and Potential Loose Bussy

alice-in-wonderland-beautiful-blue-books-fairy-tales-Favim.com-127741did you brush your teeth?
did you wash your face?
did you take a shower?
did you put your clothes out for tomorrow?
pack your bag?
good boy.
its time to hear a bedtime story!
one i will talk about tomorrow.
this is the story of a fox who realized gay sex sites are not the wave anymore.
well for him anyway.
hooking up is so yesterday,
or it is it?
well one of my f-bi sent me this story written by lester brathwaite.
it was seen over at mr obnoxious.
lets get into it shall we…
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