troy woolfolk only plays someone who has erectile dysfunction on instagram

one of the issues you’ll face once you get presence on social is:

Brands requesting to promote their products with you

you have to be careful about the products you suggest,
particularly if you don’t/haven’t used them.
everything should always be “on-brand“.
i mean….
amber rose was promoting“flat tummy tea” for pregnant women the other day.
troy woolfolk,
one of the wolves i’ve fonted about before,
is promoting a product on his ig.
one of the foxholers sent me his latest post and…

so i fonted to the foxholer:

“oh wow…
so troy has erectile dysfunction?”

so i went to see the feedback within his comments.
i saw this:



the way he set up the ad,
the picture says to the audience:

“Aww honey,
does this mean we’re fuckin’ tonight?” – her

my dick will work because I got that Skyn!” – him

that picture doesn’t look like “i’m trying to help others out“.
it looks like he’s happy he got something to get his dick hard again.

Am I wrong?

i mean,
is it over the counter viagra?
what is it?
what if it doesn’t work?

if i was cool with him,
like i’m cool with you,
i would a told him pass if he doesn’t suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Don’t answer the questions about the product like that


lowkey: he has a bigger tail than his wife.
no diss to her,

but he could be promoting how he got that fat ass.

squats and leg exercises are pretty “on-brand” for him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “troy woolfolk only plays someone who has erectile dysfunction on instagram

  1. Not all promotion is good promotion. He could have pass on this on this one and did another one he is familiar with and that is his body! However handle your scandal boo!

  2. This is wack, to tell the truth. If you’re under 40 and experiencing erectile dysfunction, you probably should go see 1) a physician and 2) a psychologist/counselor if you can, because that’s usually a sign of some underlying medical (high blood pressure, heart issues, diabetes, vascular problems, etc.) or psychological issue. A trained professional can help you resolve them much better than some device. I get that he’s getting his bag, but if he’s not experiencing it or really using it, it almost feels like a scam.

    1. Thank you and I don’t trust people who don’t actually use the product! Like personal trainers I don’t trust them because some have use operations or protein to get their size!

    1. So I looked back on a past post after seeing his name and this is the fellow I assumed was exploiting his child online for Instalikes or something. I be forgetting these dudes half the time. Completely forgot I commented on a post about him before..😂

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