devale ellis is giving us dad bod and dilf at the same time

i’ll never forget i was standing in the concession line at barclays for a basketball game,
this had to be about 3 or 4 years ago,
and this fine-ass wolf walked past with his kids and equally fine wife.
you know i was like who dat daddy isssssss?
when i looked closer,
i saw it was devale ellis.
i remember devale from various web series and i always thought he was fine af.
he has since upgraded to bet’s “sistas” by tyler perry and moved to la.
i saw these photos taken by joshua dwain and…


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…and these shots still don’t do him any justice.
devale is goregous in person.
this is the new “dad bod” foxhole and vixens.

My home-vixen who is a dedicated Sistas fan showed me a secks scene last season with Devale.
It was a shower secks scene and….

Not only was I turned TF on,
but when did Tyler get so damn raunchy all of a sudden?
I’ll allow it.

i’m happy for devale and his family tho.
he comes off like a good dad from what i peep on his social media.
he has also gotten finer with age too.


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to think where this little family from brooklyn started and where they are now.


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let’s see where this success continues to take them.

12 thoughts on “devale ellis is giving us dad bod and dilf at the same time

  1. His sex scenes be 🔥🔥 on Sistas, especially that shower sex scene when he picked old girl up 😫😫

  2. He’s one of those people that seems to be beautiful on the inside and out.

  3. He is one of the sexiest men to walk this planet and most of it is because of his personality, because even if he was ugly, it would shine through. His face was made to smile. I LOVE him on Sistas. He’s funnier than these IG comedians.

  4. I first heard of him when he and his wife were on the OWN show “Black Love” about 3 years ago but I see you first covered him way back in April 2011, ten years ago.I like their family too,their sons are adorable.

    BTW on the new season of “Black Love ” there’s a black gay couple, fashion stylist Jason Bolden and his husband interior designer Adair Curtis.Jason and Adair just announced they are expecting a baby through a surrogate.I’m so happy for them.

  5. I love their love for each other, their family unit and they both are beautiful. He’s fine, funny and a great example of a strong Black Man… I love to see it

  6. They are one of the few couples I genuinely enjoy. They complement each other so well.

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