destroyed ain’t dead.

you are a castle.
you can be a country.
you just went through a devastating war.
you ended up losing that war and got destroyed.
what do you do next?…

2020 has put many of us at war.
either it was internally or with those around us.
we are in a time where many of us are at the fight of our lives,
and some of us lost those battles,
but always try to remember:

Destroyed ain’t dead.

we aren’t dead.
we are simply at the bottom.
we have been here before.
it isn’t new to us.
its time to heal and rebuild.
one of my favorite shows was “game of thrones“.
the stark family were all separated after a huge battle.

some perished after being destroyed,
but the rest rose to the top to reclaim what was theirs.

It’s not hardships.
It’s lessons meant to teach you something.” – a friend told me today.

so it’s time to get the bricks and start rebuilding again.
always make sure to heal.
you have to tend to your wounds before you go out for battle again.
you are no use to yourself or anyone injured.

good luck.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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