love is blind for the bisexuals?

The Universe is so interesting and i love it so.
i must be vibrating high while being sick right now.
i was being told to watch a new show last night.
it’s called “love is blind” on netflix,
where contestants date without seeing each other.
i know,
but the show is pretty addictive.
well one of the contestants is named carlton morton and he’s bisexual.
cartlon has a scene where he tells his potential mate,
that he’s bi.
a foxholer sent me a story about him today just as i watched that show last night.
carlton uploaded a scene from the show and a caption to his ig…


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“…I may leave this Earth alone. But I will leave this Earth sayin’ I was fxckin’ honest, I didn’t fxckin’ deceive nobody, and I didn’t one of the hardest fxckin’ things!… I’m not a hider! What am I hiding for? Why can’t I be myself?” 💔 Out of everyone on the cast, I’ve had it the hardest. From death threats for living my truth, to horrible misconceptions about what biphobia truly is… it’s insane. People are judging me off of less than 3 minutes of my life and an INDIRECT insult which I tried to fix one sentence later because that’s not who I AM! Y’all won. It’s all good! Biphobia is real and let’s not pretend like people don’t search for an easy exit when it’s something they can’t UNCONDITIONALLY love you for. People are so hateful. It’s all good though.💔 #LoveIsBlind

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cartlon went on v-103 in atlanta to have a chat,
but when the host told him he “has to pick a side”,
this is how he responded:

via “gay times“:

After one of the station’s hosts suggested to Carlton that he “has to make a decision” between dating either men or women so that he can find love, he decided it was time to give them a lesson on bi erasure.

No, that’s problematic, we cannot do that. Making me make a decision means you cut out the B in the LGBT community. That means I have to be heterosexual or gay,” he said.

You understand how incorrect that is and how offensive that is to bisexual people? You are basically wiping them out by saying they have to make a choice. That’s the whole point of us being bisexual.

When the host replied that she “didn’t mean” to offend him, Carlton replied: “I know that you didn’t, which is why I’m starting the conversation. We have to think about what we say.”

didn’t mean to offend him?
what she said to him was offensive.
i could have sworn cartlon told her in the pod that he was attracted to “hearts” in the first episode.
maybe she chose not to hear it.
either way,
i keep telling folks that bisexuality is a real thing but sadly…

It’s never okay for males to be bi

vixens can eat a mouth full of cooch and still go back to males.
as soon as a male does it,
he’s gay with no questions asked.
most of us where “bi” before we were honest with ourselves that we were gay.
on the chat sites back then,
most of the profiles from the sexiest wolves were marked “bi”.
most wouldn’t even fuck with you if you had “gay” as your orientation.
i feel being “bi” for males is ooked down upon.
not only by the straights but by others in the community as well.
it’s often associated with being “dl”.
if that’s the case…

Is it because DL males have given such a bad stereotype for being bisexual?

 out of fear,
some dl males are bi and usually dip back and forth between both sexes.
he’d fuck a vixen just as fast as he’d fuck another male.
the stereotype is they spread diseases in their dipping,
but raw sex and not knowing who your partner is causes the same outcome.
that can be a “all communities” issue.
one of my straight wolves just told me he fucked some vixen raw while cheating on his fiance.

the “b” means being “bisexual“.
males can and are being bisexual out here.
i’d date a bisexual male tbh.
unless a male is being problematic in his bisexuality,
like lying and passing diseases,
i say let males choose how they want to identify themselves.
gay males can be just as problematic.

Anyone from gay to straight,
male to female,
can be problematic.

with males tho,
folks have to stop being so hard on how the male species choose to identify.
we want everyone to live their truth but shame/question them when they do,
especially when it comes to those with dicks.

fun fact: carlton is the one who got into it with kenya from “rhoa” during her first season…

it’s funny how reality folks hop from show to show.

article cc: gay times

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “love is blind for the bisexuals?”

  1. Honestly I never got Bisexual vibes from him. I’ve been following him for years and I always assumed he was gay. I initially thought he was hiding and just chose to pull the bisexual card and maybe he truly is.

  2. He’s gay i know people in Atlanta and they see him all the time he’s GAY! I feel he either doing this for the check or family pressures!

  3. I don’t think somebody will accept death threats to get a check but hey, people thought wouldn’t nobody fake a hate crime and they did so…

  4. Never seen or heard about this show until now. It may be scripted like most reality shows. But, I feel he should’ve told the woman about his “truth” before proposing.

    You’ll be surprised what roles people are willing to play/portray just to be on tv or acquire some type of status.

    But if he says he’s Bi, then he’s Bi I suppose. I’m not trying to get at him, so it doesn’t really matter to me. Lol.

    Live you’re real truth, whatever that may be!

  5. I agree with the comment above. He is Gay…PERIOD!
    He did this for the attention and the check. Anyone who believes this “girl” likes p***** is really dumb 😒
    Nothing about him gives “bi” or close to it. He is sweeter than Arizona sweet tea 😉

  6. I read this show was taped in the Fall of 2018 so almost 18 months ago.In positive news Carlton and Diamond are friendly now.He reached out to her,they started messaging each other and this year they spoke to each other.He apologized to her and said he understands where she was coming from.She also apologized to him.She told Entertainment Weekly she regrets the way she reacted/responded when he was being disrespectful.They did a joint interview with Refinery29.

    I don’t understand these people who send death threats to people who have nothing to do with them.Deon Cole from Black-ish was on The Real and he talked about people sending threats to him because he wore some pants to the NAACP that some idiots deemed as “Gay”.He said he asked one guy what was gay about the pants and the guy said he “IDK I think because they were velour” WTF? Deon said he can handle the anti Gay hate but he spoke up about because he knows there are Gay men and teens who have to deal with this hate all the time.

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