Conchita Is Mad That Kobe Is Getting Caught Pipin’ Dese Hoes!

i love conchita.
she knows kobe is sloppy, so she is on her “fuck it“.
she just collecting those checks and keeping kobe’s balls in her clutch.
but check out why she is tite that kobe is getting caught…

Kobe Bryant‘s wife has some serious questions about his judgment after seeing pics of him partying with women last week — but that didn’t stop her from flying to London to watch him play in the Olympics.

Sources close to Vanessa Bryant tell us she is “furious” and “embarrassed” over the photos — one of Kobe chatting up 2 women at an afterparty last week in Barcelona … the other showed him hanging with 2 different women in a nightclub.

But we’re told Vanessa’s anger is NOT because she thinks Kobe cheated … instead she’s mad that he put himself in situations where the photos could be taken.

 As we previously reported … a source close to Kobe says someone had spilled a drink on him, and he was only briefly shirtless — while he sent for a cleaner, dryer shirt.

We’re told Vanessa had planned to go to London — and seeing the pics didn’t change her mind. She flew to London over the weekend with their 2 daughters.

We’re told Vanessa feels things have been going well with Kobe since she passed on filing final divorce docs last month.

shit at this point,
kobe gonna do what he wants to do, right?

do baller wolves act the fool at the olympics?
i imagine some of them are fucking some random hoe riiiiiggghhhttttt

… now.

5 thoughts on “Conchita Is Mad That Kobe Is Getting Caught Pipin’ Dese Hoes!

  1. He’s already half naked. This is why this nigga gets accused of rape. Why don’t people learn from their mistakes?

  2. I wonder if the NBA ballers are all staying in the Village. I mean, I can see KD, Westbrook, & nem there, but not necessarily Bron Bron & Kobe. In any case, all those hot athlete bodies? I’d be smashing as soon as my event was over…maybe even before to help me relax lol

  3. OMG wen I tell you these american boys are slaying pussy and ass all over town guys!!I happened to run into one yesterday and I followed around westfield and got a photo! I know where they train and where the party is gonna be this friday so wish me luck foxes! I must get an american wolf! They played Tunisia yesterday and the meat was looking so good I had to lay hands on the telly and claim a baller! What have u done to me Jamari?!
    PS: What the actual fuck do you guys feed the men in America?! They are OBSCENELY gorgeous! x x x

  4. Of course they run wild in and out of Olympic Village. I can just imagine the international caliber of groupies that are in London right now.

    Vanessa knows that Kobe is going to do him. She probably doesn’t even have sex with him. You know she doesn’t want to catch anything that he can bring home.

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