Chris Brown’s Foot Is Not A Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 12.02.26 PMif i was a betting fox,
i would have lost.
so chris brown is in the news yet again.
this time,
it’s alleged he stomped on a fan’s head.
i know.
well it seems to be a misunderstanding according to chris.
so this is what tmz had to say…

Chris Brown exploded in anger and stomped on a man’s head during a concertand the victim is now gunning for some justice.

Malek Mokrani attended a Brown concert in Cannes on May 18 … it’s clear a fight erupted and something clearly upset Chris, because you see his shoe turn into a weapon.

It’s unclear if Mokrani was involved in the fight or just collateral damage.

He tells us he went to the hospital with neck and head pain and plans on filing a police report.

this is the video:

and this is the alleged victim:



that is def not a good look.
well chris went to his instagram to explain what happened:

i believe him.
tumblr_o7yg2uSskd1u2r94mo2_400one thing i will say about chris is if he is wrong,
he won’t respond to it.
he won’t make no videos or clap back.
if you notice if someone says something about him,
and they are pulling his card heavy,
he shuts the fuck up real quick.
i never took him to be a liar.
full of angst,
stalker-ish tendencies,

and needs to do something about those cheekbones
a liar?
i could be wrong,
but he’s the typical:

“i didn’t do it!
please believe me!
i’m tired of people dragging me into the pits of hell.
this time,
i’m right!”

…kind of wolf.
he knows if he is lying,
someone will have no issue exposing him.
again: i could be wrong.
get with.

lowkey: also,
he didn’t put up a ton of pictures about his daughter.
you know he does that when he is guilty.
i just don’t get how this:

…always ends up in the most off the wall shit.

article credited: tmz | video credited: instagram

8 thoughts on “Chris Brown’s Foot Is Not A Weapon of Mass Destruction?

  1. He does make videos when he is wrong.He just lies in the video.He made a video last month denying he and his friends were escorted off a plane for smoking weed and creating a hotbox.He lied and said the pilot asked him for an 8 ball.There are pictures of them being escorted off the plane and one of his boys posted a snapchat video saying they were kicked off the plane and had to catch another flight.So I don’t believe a word he says and all that fidgeting means he is either not taking his meds or is self medicating,JMHO.

  2. Let’s get into this #cheekbone fiasco…
    Like something is wrong. I really hope everything is ok with CB. Is that from drug use though?

  3. In the video you clearly see him kick the man in the face and then one of his friends ran over and kicked the man again. What Chris was talking about had nothing to do with that situation.

    It looks like he spazzed out and kicked the wrong person.

    1. It does look like that but it also looked like someone may have had a hold of him. Does that give him and his friend the right to stomp on someone though? No. i smell a civil lawsuit. And the victim will likely win.

  4. These kinds of stories always seem to find him, even tho I believe him on this one.

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