are we all channeling igor when dealing with these males out here?

“Take your hoodie off, why you hide your face from me?
Make your fuckin’ mind up, I am sick of waitin’ patiently…”Tyler the Creator, Boy With a Gun*

this past weekend,
i listened to tyler the creator‘s entire discography.
i was legit obsessed.
“wolf” was my shit when it came out,
but i listened to more sad pop/r&b vixen shit that i put it on the sidelines.
i was completely blown away by his album,


*pulls up release date*
may 17th 2019
i was listening to something sad pop or r&b vixen.
this album feels like therapy to me right now cause…

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rihanna new song put me to sleep

we felt the drizzle of rihanna reign with the superbowl announcement.
once i saw a new song was coming out today…

rihanna is gearing up for her comeback into music.
she has been gone for 6 years to become the billionaire avon lady.
she dropped her song “lift me up” today,
which will be in the new black panther: wakanda forver soundtrack.
i listened to it this morning and…

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kanye went crazy with the wrong community

it looks like many of our prayers have been answered.

Kanye got Kanye TF outta here.

ig was not having his shit any longer:

he violated black folks and some of us turned the other cheek.
he made the mistake and came for the jewish community.
his hateful messages got him the trap door.
per cnn…

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darnay holmes of the ny giants has a side gig called “his bakery”

we are a bunz lovin‘,
cake tastin‘,
tail grabbin’,
and cheek pinchin‘ foxhole here.
“we love big butts and we cannot lie”.
i have always loved the bunz on the baller wolf kind tho.
sometimes it’s muscular; other times it’s giggly.
often times,
it’s good.
darnay holmes of the giants stopped me dead in my tracks yesterday.
including myself,
was wondering what was going on in this video…

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does being a tomboy exist anymore?

i knew a ton of tomboys growing up.
they would dress like dudes and be more aggressive than the rest.
everyone thought they would turn into lesbians.
many of them were straight.
some have outgrown that phase and are completely feminine now.
in 2022,
it feels like a tomboy doesn’t exist anymore.
it skips go and heads right to trans.
angelina jolie’s daughter,
shiloh jolie-pitt,
once thought she was trans male named john.
it seems like that has since changed for her…

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zaya wade will be edited on social media going forward

zaya wade is stunning.
she is growing into being a beautiful trans vixen.
at 13 in 2020,
she came out as trans.
that is a big step to share with the world,
especially at such a young age.
after posting this video the other day:


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A post shared by Zaya Wade (@zayawade)

it got a ton of hateful comments.
dwyane wade said they will not be allowing hate in her comments…

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