forever_mistah gets some alleged pipe leakage?


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foreva_mistah is one wolf that everyone wanted to smash before his newfound fame.
from the dancing videos to the inspirational messages,
not to mention his fit ass bawdy of his


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he was on everyone’s most-wanted list.

from what i know of him,
he has been very private about how he moved on socials.
it was hard to get any info about him,
but it seems he is getting sloppy as of late.
i’ve never had this many allegedly stories landing on my desk him.
his nudes randomly leaked for review...

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did a well-known attentionisto allegedly drug a male into having sex with him?

my mother always told me to watch when someone pours me a drink.
she went on to warn me never leave a drink un-attended either.
you never know tho.

Some males can be ruthless when it comes to sex.

some of us have trusted the wrong males during intimate moments and got burned.
more often than not,
some will secretly drug you to loosen you up so your guard can be let down.
the following was brought to me by one of the f-bi.
it involves ju aka @nopicsnochat (in the picture above).
he claims he was drugged into having sex with a well-known attentionisto.
one i have covered more than a few times.
ju claims after he felt he was drugged,
he confronted said well-known attentionisto and was gaslit.
this is the IG highlight of what went down for your review…

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