A Long Night Of Imaginary Finger Digging Goodness…

two of my favorites in the same picture.
the gods have shown their blessings onto me!
but for some odd reason, the picture made me kinda… hot.
you can almost guess..

that plump ass.
maybin wolf.
hot july night.
w hotel.
my imagination.
thanks hoodsworld!

lowkey: i wonder who o-cakes is giving a sweet tooth too in mmg?
if you say rick ross…
he don’t need no more sweets.

….wouldn’t it be hilarious if o cakes never got topped a day in his life?
he was played the wolf in every situation.
wouldn’t that be funny?

i think i just broke a million wolves hearts.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “A Long Night Of Imaginary Finger Digging Goodness…”

  1. Shit he better not be a Wolf. I see what people mean when they say they don’t have to like someone to have sex with them. I can’t stand Omarion at all, but I just want to enter his exit door at least twice. I know Chris Strokes was hitting that ass, he would have been a fool not to, but hew should have waited until they were grown. Shit I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still hittin it from time to time. O looks good below the waist man.

    1. Lmao this so true. I’d fuck him up then curse his ass out right after. He annoying af but that ass is correct.

  2. Is O-Cakey that short or Maybin that tall? In any case, even if he is a wolf; I’m still going for that azz — it’s too phat to not get used lol

    You can have Maybin

      1. Sure because when your short weight gain comes easy and it goes to the right places. I graduated with a friend who was short maybe aboout 5’1, and he has the fastest ass. Whew, shorty was nice. He wore skinnies sometimes and he would sag in them while wearing boxer briefs and all I could see was ASS and more ASS. I bumped against it with my knee freshmen year by accident, and dude felt it and turned his head slightly to the side, I was like my bad. LOL. My friends knew I had gay ways. LOL

      2. That’s a calculating nigga tho Man lol. Nigga know he got a Nicki Minaj and walking around in skinnies? He was asking for that knee, matter fact you shoulda slapped it.

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