Foxes: Would You Get Boy-inked by Boykin?

first name: brandon?
i would.
brandon caught my eye on hw and i been doing some light investigation.

rookie cornerback for the philly eagles.
fourth round draft pick for 2012.
salary is typical rookie.

birthday was 2 weeks ago.
hails form georgia.
sexy as shit.

sounds good enough for me to get boy-inked.
check some more baller wolf cum shots below…

he has such a sweet innocent face….

… and even sweeter arms and pecs.

i’m ready to turn out some rookie meat.
are you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Foxes: Would You Get Boy-inked by Boykin?”

  1. Look at that smile and that body. I wonder if he needs help with his stretches? God forgive me for the thoughts I’m having about this man.

  2. Mayne, I need to become a sports trainer or massage therapist. Just for the access – though it might drive me crazy some days…

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