Amber Rose’s Baby Is NOT Gay.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.48.12 PMpeople can be so fuckin’ ignorant.
amber rose learned that over this weekend.
she tweeted something positive about her baby bash and of course,
some asshole trolls came out from under the bridge to ruin it…

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I’d Take That D

drake-gqdrake is what you would call:
a hubby.
he has separated himself from the wannabes and the bad boys.
he knows his lane and doesn’t try to be anything else.
plus he always seems to come off so freakin’ charming.
i was rather impressed with his articulate interview with gq for july.
i got some quotes from the article…

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The Greatest and Bestest Thing To Happen To Your Life!

so i was talking to a wolf through texts earlier.nothing too heavy.
light fun conversation i haven’t had in a while.
he asked me a question that i had to ask all of you guys…

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Fuckin’ 4 Tracks


we been laid up in this w hotel all day.
he wants to go get something to eat.
i’m still horny, so he should eat me out again.
i could go with another dose of that tongue.
i’m so bad.

i watch him climb off on me.
another intense fuck.
i don’t know what it is about this dude.
i really enjoy the dick he gives me.
he is everything i lusted after when i was a nobody.
his body is a work of art.
he would be the type that looks stuck up at industry events.
you knew he was an artist of some sort.
he’s trying to get put on.
he looks like he has an attitude, when he is really in his own world.
that is, until i told him what i did…..

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A Couple Goodies From My Stash

Hey fellas!

Working on something for the future.
Of course,
I am absolutely frustrated,
but I’m sure this headache I’m getting from this will be worth it one day!

 I’ll be back tomorrow.
Enjoy some of these past goodies and enjoy your Sunday…

The Foxy Rules Of Getting A Sponsored Lifestyle

There Is A Cure For HIV (Raw Sex Full Tilt Boogie)

A Day In The Life of Number 88

Oh and Vernon Davis,
you look good and all,
but explain to me this…

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“Street Dreams Are Made Of These. Foxes On They Knees For Wolves With Big G’s”


this album use to be my SHIT!
i knew after that video nas could have my whole foxhole.

Lord do I need a vacation.
I need to get away from The Concrete Forest.
I am beyond over it and can’t even afford it.

I was talking to an ex-coworker who just came from a vacation in Florida.
He was telling me about a hotel he stayed in with his girl for a couple days.
It was nothing but fun, sun, and sex every night.

I went to the website of the hotel website and instantly drooled.
I need a week of fun, sun, and sex too!

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