“Street Dreams Are Made Of These. Foxes On They Knees For Wolves With Big G’s”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4NtdEuJ75k]

this album use to be my SHIT!
i knew after that video nas could have my whole foxhole.

Lord do I need a vacation.
I need to get away from The Concrete Forest.
I am beyond over it and can’t even afford it.

I was talking to an ex-coworker who just came from a vacation in Florida.
He was telling me about a hotel he stayed in with his girl for a couple days.
It was nothing but fun, sun, and sex every night.

I went to the website of the hotel website and instantly drooled.
I need a week of fun, sun, and sex too!


He did this package:

He said that the room was amazing.
Everything was included.
So they got free food, massages, and drinks.

He said he fucked his girl entirely stupid every night.
Shit, I don’t blame him.
I would have been a Wolf’s sex slave if he bought me a ticket there.

I’m sure Id have to make sure that throat was exquisite!
Throat upsided down, throat on the ceiling, throat on the airplane wing.
Even though this place maybe corny,
I’d love a week here too:


I haven’t been to Disney World in YEARS.
I want to stay in a resort when I can afford to book that ticket:


At my old church, they told us to look at things we would like to do, buy, or accomplish.
You may not have it NOW,
but get yourself in the mind frame that you it WILL happen.
I can spend hours looking at cars, homes, and places I would love to visit.

Now, I’d like this:

… to be on the reciecing end of that throat,
laying up in that suite,
and enjoying the sunny days and Miami nights….

shit, daydream away.

5 thoughts on ““Street Dreams Are Made Of These. Foxes On They Knees For Wolves With Big G’s”

  1. I most def. could go to those places to get away from it all. Whew. Oh and Emmanuel can come and chill with me too. LOL

  2. After spending that kind of money, I’m pretty sure that his girl knew that she’d be giving it up every night. Must be nice. I love it when people are not afraid to spend money to enjoy themselves. YOLO!

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