who knew crabs could be cooked… in an air fryer?

one time when i was a baby fox,
new to america,
my late Mum’s boyfriend at the time invited us over for dinner.
that night,
he decided to impress us by cooking lobster.

I’ll never forget how traumatized I was watching that experience.

the pot was shaking and you could hear,
what sounded like,
the lobster screaming within the hot water.
i didn’t eat that night because i lost my appetite.
my empathy is set up a little differently.
so when i saw this video with crabs in an air fryer

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the biggest conspiracy theorist of all has to pay for his words (alex jones)

i’ve heard interesting things from conspiracy theorists i know.
i was told if i got vaccinated,
i’ll die because the government wanted to kill us all.

“Who is paying these taxes if we all die?”

princess diana was killed cause she saw the royal family turn into lizards.
of course,
they have all sided with kanye.
i was told he was right that slavery was a choice.
when it came to the sandy hook elementary massacre in 2012,
i was told it never happened.
the wildest i was told?

“Kyle Rittenhouse is actually a paid actor.
He was one of the actors used in Sandy Hook.”

they “discovered” his alleged picture was used as one of the victims.
for the record:

I never believed or thought of any of that to be true.

alex jones,
a conspiracy theorist who said similar about the sandy hook massacre,
lost his trial from being sued by the parents of the kids involved.
the amount of money that he has to pay tho…

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britney spears wishes she could slap someone to see what it feels like

at a young age,
the foxhole doesn’t realize i’ve had my foot in the entertainment industry.
the late 90s was when i really got into that world.
when britney spears first came on the scene,
i was a stan.
from what i remember…

It felt like Britney took her first left turn when she allegedly cheated on Justin Timberlake and he made an entire song about her being a hoe.

^this really hurt her feelings and i think broke her.
the background vocals of the word “hoe” would break anyone tbh.
she started being rebellious when folks turned on her for him.
just like folks turned on janet for him.
ya’ll remember she got married in vegas for a few hours to some random?
when she met kevin federline,
thats when the sharper left turn happened.
after that blew up in her face,
she went even wilder.
don’t even get me started on paris hilton and lindsay lohan saga.

they were on cnn every single night for something.
nancy grace use to have nightly segments about their antics.
folks was literally predicting she would die.
so when i read something like this

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kanye made jamie lee curtis cry

i like jamie lee curtis.
i don’t like the new halloween reboots (ugh) but i do like her.
i didn’t realize she was jewish up until yesterday.
she had an interview where she admits she was brought to tears by kanye.

his anti-semitic posts really got to her…

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kanye went crazy with the wrong community

it looks like many of our prayers have been answered.

Kanye got Kanye TF outta here.

ig was not having his shit any longer:

he violated black folks and some of us turned the other cheek.
he made the mistake and came for the jewish community.
his hateful messages got him the trap door.
per cnn…

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darnay holmes of the ny giants has a side gig called “his bakery”

we are a bunz lovin‘,
cake tastin‘,
tail grabbin’,
and cheek pinchin‘ foxhole here.
“we love big butts and we cannot lie”.
i have always loved the bunz on the baller wolf kind tho.
sometimes it’s muscular; other times it’s giggly.
often times,
it’s good.
darnay holmes of the giants stopped me dead in my tracks yesterday.
including myself,
was wondering what was going on in this video…

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