are we all becoming bitter about dating in the black community?

i got ^this dm today and it left me with a few thoughts.
it was ^this question that really made me take notice:

“Are we all becoming bitter?”

from what i see and hear around the black communities,
on social media and in irl,
i can honestly say “yes“.
almost every black vixen and alphabet gang member is annoyed.
a majority of black males just can’t get their shit in order.
it’s all for good reason tho.

Dating within black communities is the pits

but i did think this

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i BELIEVE in you and me

i came to a conclusion while listening to “i believe in you and me” by whitney.
the whole song is like the affirmations for a long-lost love.


she “believed” that they will return.
it was that word:


that word gave me my “a-ha moment“…

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is it worth being a good person? (survey says nope)

there are people who don’t think cardi b is a good person.
this is why after i saw ^this tweet,
i asked myself:

What is a good person?

if we are looking for some prize for being a “good person”,
you will be highly disappointed.
to some tho,
they love the applause and admiration of being “good”.
it’s how we were trained by parents and/or life.
and video games always had “good vs evil”.
i don’t think people are meant to be good people all the time.
i think all of us are too layered for that.
not only that…

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curious straight males only want one thing and it ain’t no love story

I have dated males,
who were curious,
but they were never interested in me romantically.

i’m here to tell you curious males are not what they’re cracked up to be.
i have this thing where i can attract males to me like bees to honey.
it might be my style,
bomb personality,
or the gayness they could see in me.
curious straight males were like hawks because i wasn’t like the others.
it wasn’t a compliment because they ended up treating me like the others.
they wanted to fuck but i was giving them “the boyfriend” experience.

I’m glad it never happened with any of them tbh.

i was reading this thread on reddit called:

“Straight men who have tried gay sex: what did you like and didn’t like about it?”

…and many of the comments gave me a couple a-ha moments.
this one comment especially…

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you may never make it in hollywood if you’re poor with no connections

so we want to be actors,
pop stars,
or even content creators but you have no connections.
i.e: we are middle class or poor.
we look up to those before us that we admire.
as we listen to their struggles before they made it,
it helps boost us to keep trying when we have nothing left.

We spend our days fighting for support,
or a chance to sit at the table.

there we go,
looking at those we admire until we realize something

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