f*ck the holidays: jamari fox 2021 edition

every time the holiday season comes around,
i feel immense loneliness within my soul.
i start feeling sad about “me vs what everyone else is doing”.

I wonder if there were no social media and this VIP access in their lives,
would we really care what people were doing during the holidays?

people meaning those who hurt us or our exes who easily moved on.
family members who don’t want to invite you because you’re gay.
your crackhead cousin and drunk uncle get invites but yours got lost in email somehow.
i’ve been listening to adele’s recent album and i’m sure that isn’t helping either.
that damn adele…
there is a current emotional trifecta that is happening to some of us…

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cloudy with a chance of cancer

“How have you been?”

at this point,
we haven’t spoken for a month now.
some messages get answered; many don’t.
it was never like that with us.
she has been crazy busy with her new job so it’s understandable.

“I’m good.
I have cancer but I’m great…”


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so, yeah, about my new therapist…

i was about to dip because she was late.
it was 9:10 am and my new therapist wasn’t there.
i was promptly there at 8:58 am for my first therapy assessment.
i’m (fashionably) late,
but a fox was one time for this go around.
at 9:20 am,
she finally arrived and by the time we ended the session

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my virginity has been taken by the non-corporate girls podcast!

today has been sort of a wild day.
holy guacamole.
i have been here,
and everywhere.

My first interview dropped with The Non-Corporate Girls.


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it was run by delaila and yanni,
who i have nicknamed “pose” within the podcast.
check it out below for my guest appearance on episode 105 for their 5th season…

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The Universe is one of my most loyal goons

The Universe is always listening,
but we have to ask so the things we want will be given.
it has been hell looking for a new therapist.
i’ve sent countless emails and made some cold calls.

“Gone Til Next November”

so i told myself that i was gonna let it go.
i didn’t want to put any more pressure on my plate.
so i put it on the back burner and felt myself move on.
as i was checking emails today…

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he was looking at the dominican cake on display on the low like i was

some of ya’ll gotta be careful with your leering when looking at other males.
i mean,
if this is you truly give a damn.
earlier today,
i went to the store to pick up some chicken to cook.

sidebar: after seeing that video of the rats in popeyes in dc,
i’ve been so turned off about eating out.
i been doing everything in my power to eat in.
i’m sure this stand-off against ordering out will end soon.

when i turned into the frozen food section to get some ice cream…

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