Hunt 4 U

Have you ever seen a dude and something about him INSTANTLY attracted you to him?

It had nothing to do with body or even swagg.

It was something about their presence that magnetically drew you to him?

I was getting my daily fix over at Ebony Swag
and this dude caught my eye faster than any of the other Wolves…

….and my personal favorite….

Can I get the I.D on M.D?

I mean, we all know Devin Thomas is my ultimate fantasy.
But this dude is just regular and just right for me.

We can definitely rock if he got down.
Not even on some sex status.

This looks like Boyfriend Swagg.

So, my Foxes, go forth and hunt this dude.
You know where to send his info.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Hunt 4 U”

    1. Vain!!! U always come thru!!

      Hit me an email with more info, if you know any. I knew we had the same taste in men when I came to your blog and saw the pictures you would put up. So when you say a boy is “fine”, I know you are telling the truth!

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