Ashley Cain May Have The Biggest Tail of All The Wolves

mtv’s “ex on the beach” bad wolf star/ex soccer baller wolf,
ashley cain,


ashley cain is dating a vixen by the name of chloe khan:

she uploaded a video of ashley after what appears to be sex.
this is what she put on her snapchat

look at those bunz.
it looks soft.
he put up a video on his snap of him at a photo shoot recently.
someone put a bottle on top of his butt cheeks and it didn’t fall.
that’s how fat his ass is.
i swear,
ashley has beyond a muscle tail.
i bet it’s from all those leg exercises he does:


lowkey: is it me or has he aged a lot?

pictures and videos taken: instagram

14 thoughts on “Ashley Cain May Have The Biggest Tail of All The Wolves

  1. *starts rump shaker by Wrecks-N-Effect* All I want to do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom
    and a poom-poom – JUST SHAKE YA RUMP Ashley Cain! LOL and I’m responding to the gif though.

  2. I follow him on snap and him and FlashmanWade are kind of the same.

    Nice asses, but nothing remotely deep or meaningful to say at all.

    I’m like just show the cakes please lol

  3. This is why I have put squats back in my workout regimen, his buns is definitely goals asf. I. You’ll might think I’m weird for saying this, but Ashley does nothing for me, even though he is attractive. I just don’t get the hype of him.

    1. I kinda feel the same way. He kinda reminds me of the Bud Bundy character from Married With Children.
      His girl looks like a SERIOUS wannbe Kim Kardashian look-alike….and a bad one at that. Sorry, there’s only ONE annoying original! LOL

  4. From the barber video to this, gym rats are NOT neglecting legs and tails anymore. I’m loving it 😁

  5. He is definitely proud of that tail! He always seems to be showing it off lol . Sidenote : check out this wolf named Arran Arogundade..really worth it

    1. Listen here, Solar Fox:

      The Arran guy you mentioned?! I checked him out and it was SO worth it…fine…a good masculine face and he seems like a nice guy…I’m in love. Lol

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