He Just Likes That You Answer His Call When He Needs Help

we are powerful.
i can tell just by the comments you leave.
unless you are a hyena who wanders into the foxhole,
the foxhole is a very intelligent bunch.
if we banded together,
we could bring down the nation with the secrets we keep.
so why do we do what we do?
we give our power away to those who don’t deserve it.
the person that calls you every time they need help.
they know you will drop what you’re doing.
in return…?
i got to thinking about something today…
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Send Prayers To A Fellow Foxhole Vet!


i need a favor.
i need you to send your prayers and light to a foxhole vet.
his name is malcolm and you usually see him in the comments.
he has been such a huge supporter for me throughout the years.
well he lost his grandmother last thursday.
he is going through a lot and it takes nothing to pray for peace in his forest.

Can you do this for me?

you are in my continued prayers!
may you find peace within this and know she is in much better place.
i’m sure she lived a great life and would want you to do the same.
she will be watching and guiding you.
if you listen,
you will hear her.

much love,

DEAR MR. CEO (insert inquiry here)

animal-beautiful-fox-love-favim-com-2830265today was a long day.
i’m so tired and low on energy.
one co worker decided to call out.
another left early in the afternoon.
it was just me,
one other coworker,
and a deadline.
when i say i was legit tite?
bad enough,
i didn’t see the new mailroom wolf at all today.
besides all that,
i had a bigger hunt going on.


as a fox
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Jordan Shephard Gets An (Interview)

FullSizeRendereveryone meet jordan shephard.
when i featured him in ( x the last entry ),
the foxhole ate him up.
the facebook foxhole was especially hungry.
well i wanted to know more about jordan and you know what that meant…


yeaaaaahhhhh buddy!
one of my favorite things i like to do for the foxhole.
so jordan and i had a sit down and well…
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