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i remember when the internet was buzzing about michael hoffman.
he was an attentionisto who was jacking off for the cam.
he was also fingering himself and all kinds of other shit.
it was boring af.
a flick “leaked” with some snow bunny and i couldn’t help but think:

this is theeeeeee ( x most boring-est straight smashing ) I’ve ever seen.”

well shortly after his hype died down,
he went away.
as most attentionistos do after a while.
well a f-bi sent me a recent video of michael hoffman in full confession.
this is what he had to say on twitter


*the following entry is parental advisory.
nudes below and 18^

we created a monster.
rarri true,
or ferrari,
is doing a lot of talking.
too much.
the mystery is dead and the attentionisto has arrived.
he had two interviews about blac chyna…




Thanks for the amazing job and advice that you have on your blog. I’m certain that I speak for the Foxhole, we love you and the best is yet to come.

Since being in the A (Atlanta for those who don’t know), I have had my share of hood wolves, pretty boy hybrids, and confused jackals.

I’m now feenin’ (not in love) with a moderately known model/attentisto who is always on Instagram and Snapchat. We are in the same age range (26-30) but his immaturity and use of social media is annoying. He looks like a younger version of a foxhole favorite of Oshea Russell but he is annoying because I know he is hoeing around with vixens and snow bunnies in a small college town.

Even when I discussed the nature and potential growth of our relationship, he said he prefers text than calls, he does not call or text me during the day or evening and have to follow him on Snapchat to know what is going on.

The time that we have known each other is about a month and always give new relationships a couple of months to flush out the residual relationships (wolves, foxes, vixens, and snow bunnies).

Since he has just finished school, he tells me he wants to move to Atlanta but I think he is a hobosexual (Someone who couch surfs and pretends like they love you and let you suck and fuck you occasionally ). I sense that from him but he also has a criminal record, constantly with vixens saying that they are friends and to build his brand, and I don’t think he has a job.

Jamari: Do I wait it out or move on to someone who will appreciate me and fuck me like crazy? There are a ton of IG wolves especially here in the South and this wolf/hybrid is pushing 30 so you think he would be more chill or less attentisto.

I don’t want to be his come up with my money and connection ( Like Mama Pope said on the season finale of Scandal…We build these black men up so they can go to basic bitches)

I’m really at a crossroads of being single or just fucking with no strings attached with wolves because I don’t want the pain.

I have been listening to the remix of Khalid’s Location and I think about him as related to that (Damn!)

Need your help!



“he blocked me because i said i saw him featured on your blog.”

i was told that yesterday by a foxholer about an alleged attentionisto.
this one:

isn’t he trying to be a “model”?
he needs all the attention he can get.
although i suspect he will be getting into porn.
so foxhole,
has it come to this?
they are mad to grace the foxhole at insidejamarifox.com.
well i love it.
i’ll tell you why in a nicely wrapped up entry