Lets Be Together (On Christmas Day)

tumblr_nf9cepBbjc1tu9oufo10_r1_500“Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful.
And since we’ve got no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”…

dean martin was blasting out the overhead speakers.
it was feeling a lot like christmas up in here.
even tho it wasn’t outside.
bae wasn’t in bed when i woke up this morning.
when i went downstairs to look for him,
he damn near screamed for me to go back upstairs.

“i want you to go back upstairs and don’t move!” he said.

he was just wearing an apron and his drawz.
if my ass wasn’t still sore from last night,
i’d fuck him right on these stairs.
he has been the most gracious host since he flew me out here.
this time last year for christmas,
i woke up to the sounds of “hood” and “rat”.
this year,
i’m in the hollywood hills.
who woulda thunk?…

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alternateview“damn baby come put that ass on daddy.”

i’m tired of fuckin’ this nigga.
well i won’t lie,
the dick is good,
but i need a new baller to fuck.
after fifteen minutes of licking every drop of my dripping pussy,
he wanted me to return the favor.
i’m the type of bitch to make a man eat my pussy,
get a good nut,
and tell him i’m tired.
tonight i was feeling horny for some reason…

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If It’s Broke, Well Then Cum Fix It


his deep voice blared through my iPhone speaker.

“i’m in trouble.” i said, trying not to sound overly dramatic.

i tend to do that.

“yo whats wrong?
you okay?
who fuckin’ with you?”
you need to come over to your crib?”

i loved when he talked to me like that.
ready to fuck someone up for me on command.
this time this is my fault and i needed his help…

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Fuckin’ The Number 1 Draft Pick Wolf

tumblr_mjj0b03GbJ1rlmm3zo1_500i turned around and there he was.
he got here kind of fast too.
he left his celebratory get together just to join me.
now i’m not stupid.
this man has a girlfriend back home.
he also has a mama,
and other family members in the room down the hall.
in the middle of glasses clinking and champagne toasting,
he actually saw my text.

“i want you.”

i was feeling naughty.
he replied with a smiley face.
i thought they meant i was going to bed horny.
more than likely,
we would catch up tomorrow.
i guess i was wrong.
he is here….

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The Things You Do When You Have Good Dick In Your Life (3)

wolf put me in the doggy style position.
he told me to arch my back and lift my ass up….
he stood up on both legs on the bed.
he liked better leverage.
he slowly stuck his lubed and covered pipe inside me.
i was ready to get this amazing pipe that i couldn’t wait for any longer.
dude was slowly jerking his dick and looking forward for what was about to go down…
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The Things You Do When You Have Good Dick In Your Life (2)

as we walked up the stairs,
i took my cardigan off and let it drop on the stairs.
i didn’t bother to pick it up.
i had to come back down the stairs anyway.
wolf looked down at me and he had a huge grin on his face.
he pulled off his hoody and dropped it on the stairs.
copy cat.
whatever cologne he had on tickled my senses.
i was more turned on than I have ever been to be honest.
i never did no shit like this before.
we could have started on the stairs for all i cared.
i was ready….
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The Things You Do When You Have Good Dick In Your Life

i been fuckin him for almost a year now.
i got to admit,
he serves me some mean pipe when i need it.
who knew what started out on the d/l,
would turn into something that has been really heavy.
i told myself, “don’t get hooked on the dude“.
of course,
when he sends that text or he calls…
there i go running like a child to his father’s arms.
funny thing is,
he does the same to me…..

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The Biggest Dick That Ever Fucked Your Mind Up

i did it again.
i’m starting to think this is a thrill for me.
some people get on roller coasters.
some people jump off cliffs.
some people wrestle alligators.
i like to mind fuck.
i like to slowly penetrate into a wolf’s head.
i play around inside a bit.
find out his weaknesses.
what your interests are, “who you be with”?
things to make you smile, what numbers to dial
you gon’ be here for a while, I’m gon’ go call my crew
you go call your crew
we can rendezvou at the bar around two…..
i went there.
anyway, what makes him tick,
why he do what he do….ya know?
little by little,
I like to make my presence known until he comes to me…..

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