F-Bi: The Wolf That Is Porsha’s Wolf Friend on RHOA

so as you know,
i’ve banished reality tv
blah blah blah.
you already know.
it’s not like i could avoid it between those i know who do and online talk.
i’m feeling i may start watching “rhoa” again tho.
a 10th season refresh?
we shall see.
well there is a clip making it’s rounds from “the real housewives of atlanta”.
i guess this weeks episode and it has to do with kandi’s sex dungeon.
i leave the show alone and kandi gets a sex dungeon?
i had a question for the foxhole about the clip…
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DEAR MR. CEO (insert inquiry here)

animal-beautiful-fox-love-favim-com-2830265today was a long day.
i’m so tired and low on energy.
one co worker decided to call out.
another left early in the afternoon.
it was just me,
one other coworker,
and a deadline.
when i say i was legit tite?
bad enough,
i didn’t see the new mailroom wolf at all today.
besides all that,
i had a bigger hunt going on.


as a fox
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The Half Dressed Tails of The Two Teachers

112732-welcome-to-my-classroomso i know the foxhole heard about the drama with patrice brown?
she is the forth grade teacher who looks like this:

everyone is up in arms about how she looks/dresses.
they feel she looks inappropriate to teach cubs their a, b, cs.
well there is another teacher who is now in the spotlight.
everyone meet jamel fenner
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“You’re A Monster Because You Didn’t Attend Pride”

tumblr_mars2pSsDz1qcopsao1_500so i was talking to a foxholer on one of my socials today.
we were discussing someone being personally offended they didn’t attend ny pride.
according to them,
the animal said:

“oh you can be gay,
but you can’t go show love at pride?
what are you?

this was coming from a straight vixen who was going.
the foxholer,
who is more discreet,
felt they may have been doing something wrong because they didn’t go to pride.
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