That Yellow Fox Has Even More Leakage

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.11.52 PM…can he even deny this?
so remember that yellow fox from ( x entries past )?
well he has some new leakage and well…
this entry is:


you have been warned


tumblr_inline_o2xq05A5Ug1sos51t_500he takes bbc like a pro,
don’t he?
he sounded like he was struggling a little tho.
that pipe was super thick too.
listen i won’t even hate.
someone has to do it,
i’m sure the black wolves love to pound these racially ambiguous bunz:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.18.55 PM now the real question is…

Who is that giving him the pipe?


26 thoughts on “That Yellow Fox Has Even More Leakage

  1. I wouldn’t touch him with a 20ft pole. One look through his social media will reveal just how cunty and queeny he truly behaves. The muscles seemed to have fooled many of us, but now I know muscle and tattoos can work just like Drag. Projecting an image that’s not totally real. I don’t mean to criticize him for being a THOT, but he’s not some prize to behold. He has no shame and no image to protect. That’s way he allows randoms to record him bouncing on raw dick.

  2. His mugshot has been released. Andres Oryan Warner, arrested on a misdemeanor for driving while intoxicated. In it, he labels himself as Non-Hispanic/White. Released on bond, one day after his 28th birthday. It can be googled.

  3. I follow him on IG and he seems cool. Foxes on this site act as if they only been smashed by only one wolf and that’s it. Who’s to say that’s not his bf or his regular in the vid? He has a nice body and fitness oriented so why allyuh really upset? If some of yall could do what he does……but you can’t. So you don’t.

    1. There’s videos going round of him having sex with different guys. The hands & bodies are different in each video.

      1. Something is not right because once you post a video on line people will copy and post it. I saw it on xtube and now it is in the clouds. Lol.

  4. Oh Jamari. lol

    The video has been removed. Please don’t have the poor guy back on here begging for you to take down this post too. Save the sex tape releases for the celebrities. Private citizen releases make me itch.

    1. His name is Andy, he lives in Ft Lauderdale and he his is not of Haitian decent. He is out all the time…..nice dude…just wish he didn’t put his shit out there like that

  5. Man, those assets could make him a kept man. Literally his buns could probably hypnotize a very rich man out of his money.

  6. Two things :

    1.) I need him to release a butt workout book

    2.) he needs to do porn professionally at this point.

  7. Damn he takes some big, raw dick on the regular.

    More power to him but I’m not sure who would want him for anything other than a smash and pass.

  8. Damn l love when these fit muscle boys get fucked make my dick hard i would bust a load in his ass. This dude is openly gay but why try to hide himself the tattoo is a deadgiveaway.

  9. Racially ambiguous? Nah, he’s obviously very black in the face just have yellow skin, plus someone told me he’s Haitian-American. Is that true? The video was fucking hot, but damn he sure love raw dicks

  10. Getting smashed comes so easy; why do the cart always comes before the horse? Sighhhhh….didn’t mean to spoil the purpose of the vid

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