X Marks The F0x: It’s 3:40am. Do U Know Where Your Baller Is?

What happens when you go drive to a park at 3:40 in the morning?

One could say you couldn’t sleep and went to talk about your problems.
Maybe even listen to some of the latest music on the radio.
Better yet, get twisted and watch the stars on the hood of the car.


What if that park became the hook up spot for horny couples after 9pm?
And what if it was a famous baller and a male companion?

 NFL star Braylon Edwards got into a CAR ACCIDENT two nights ago in Detroit.

He and a MALE COMPANION were in Belle Isle Park at 3:40 AM . . . and the park closes at 10 PM (PAUSE). Well anyways, when they were leaving, Braylon lost control of his car and CRASHED.

But get this, according to a NUMBER of Detroiters, Belle Isle after hours is a known place to take a DATE . . . and get it POPPIN!!!

So the question is, what was BRAYLON and a DUDE doing there in a car WITHOUT any women????? We’re sure there is a perfectly NON-GAY reason for this . . . RIGHT????

Would you think differently?

His response:

Nicki knows the deal.

16 thoughts on “X Marks The F0x: It’s 3:40am. Do U Know Where Your Baller Is?

  1. *waves frantically* hey best book…Yanno, I dunno. I will say this-He tweeted about the accident yesterday, before that website broke the story. Then this morn people strtd tweeting him about the rumors and his response was something like he was on his way to a boat. At the yacht club? Presumably the yacht club is near the park? I dk. I just like to give folks the benefit of the doubt. It’s like all these celeb males are gay, but no one has proof. I can speculate all I want, but how do you live yr after yr after yr with no slip ups? Member ol boy…the actor singer who’s alleged lover dropped photos? Side bar-thats my type of man. Can’t think of his name and dnt knw his personality, but at 6’5, drk skin, amazing body, can sing a tune while I’m hittin them walls AND he likes to keep his shit on the low?, oh yea ida wifed his ass real quick. He coulda had my entire pay check. All 216 dollars of it 🙂 I guess my main prob with this story is the source. Mediatakeout. As far as I’m concerned, that in itself speaks volumes. They lie. They’re entertaining, but it’s just that entertainment. It’s like accepting wikipedia as a source when we all knw anyone can edit that. You may find some useful info, but at the end of the day you still gotta check your facts. Wheres the report from the crash? Eye witnesses? They’re claiming he had a passenger, he doesn’t say that. Search his name on twitter, folks are supporting him, but there’s also those using the Fword and dropping accusations. All based off of this one story from mediatakeout of all sources. This is not helping the cause. Can’t get mad at folks for staying in the closet, when people who may not even be gay get lynched so to say…Lynched without a shred of evidence. I hate that ***sips wine***

    1. Now THAT dude, Terrell something (I believe), had pics of ol boy cuddled up w/him in bed, so it’s hard to dispute that. And there were some pics of him in Brazil or something at a pride-type event…and he got his acting start through Tyler Perry, so he doesn’t get a pass.

      But doesn’t Braylon have a child w/Nik from ANTM? Or is he the one w/like 9 kids by 7 women? Yeah…y’all can keep that one…lol

      And anything MTO publishes has to be given the hearty side-eye off break

      1. hey young blk wolf. Yes thank you Terelle was his name. I remember the pics of him on the beach in a speedo. Yummy. Yea see that’s what I’m talkin about. There was photographic evidence to support the gay rumors. Yes braylon has a child with Nik from topmodel. If you watched that season you’ll remember they complained about her being reserved and needing to open up. I remember mto ran a story about her being gay, hence the reason for her shyness on the show…They said she was worried Tyra and the others would discover her secret.lol. Don’t knw how or why I remember that but I do. I like mto, it’s a funny site, I just wish folks wouldn’t take them to heart.

    2. it shows you the effect MTO has… it is the National Enquirer of the internet. But the police report clearly states neither the driver or the male passenger were injured !

  2. M.T.O. as usual changes key words or looses letters. A check of the Police Report says the accident happened on Bell Island Parkway and the car was able to be driven from the scene. Now it is shaky as “Vain” stated Audi has 4wheel drive and has solid traction on slippery terrain ….. so hmmmm. since he was heading east …. was he heading back to his Condo with his unidentified male companion at that hour of the morning …. so hmmmm Could he have veered on the shoulder and grassy area while his male companion had his head in his lap at that hour….. so hmmm.

  3. Audi’s have 4 wheel drive. They’re built for slippery terrain. That’s odd?

    And why would they go to a park to have sexual relations when they could have just done it in the car? I don’t think it was anything serious.

    1. That’s what I was thinking Vain! Audis are known for Quattro all-wheel drive. ALL of em so that’s a suspect ass statement.

  4. You halfta consider the source 🙂 I got to that site daily because it’s entertaining. And eventho they’ve become slightly more credible over the years…Ill never forget their exclusives with Jay-Z’s misstress…Very scandolous stuff…Said misstress ends up on Dr Phil seeking treatment. Said it was thrilling…The fame she received from a site that ”believes everything” she went on to admit that she’d never met Jay, but was a stalker. Would email him up to 300x per day and what not.Llz

    I mean in the past week alone they claimed Lilkim was performing with Nikki at the BET awards, Amber is cheating with Jamie Foxx, blah blah blah. It’s great when they get their hands on nudie pics, why they knw longer showfull frontal is beyond me??? Who knows,,,,All I know is them hoez can embelish. Braylon is sexy as shit. I wouldn’t mind him playin for my team, but to be fair—-I got into a car crash right in front of Sunset Gower studios. It was around 3pm in the afternoon. That could mean I’m an actor who was leaving an audition. It could mean I’m the gay lover of an Alist star who was dropping off his lunch. I was in the midst of giving a hollywood producer a nooner. It could even mean some dumb ass with no insurance and her son that shed just picked up from day care AND didn’t have in a car seat hit me head on…You be the judge O_O

      1. Ok. I’m busted…Hell I’m tired of hidding. I admit it…I once had a fling with one of the cast members from televisions longest running western….GUNSMOKE 🙂 Now I won’t go into details, but lets just say them pleather boots with the spurs on the back are made for walkin, but that’s not all they’ll do 😉 Wooooooosah

    1. Sorry I’m home alone on a sat night which is prob why I’m chatty but I’d like to add something else…Its not uncommon for Rich atheletes to roll in pairs…So lets say he was with a male companion…its not uncommon to see Brandon Jennings with Demar Derozan walking through the Beverly center 2gether. Darnel Docket and Antonio Smith are glued at the hip. Their friendship is actually inspiring. They’re like brothers. Stephon Marbury and his homie/assistant who both follow me on twitter…My straight twitter o_O travel together, and praise the Lord together, and are both accused of being Looney together…I think there’s several reasons why the Men roll with men. A few of them being-if they are married being seen or photo’d with any female is trouble. Look at what this same site is doing with Gabby and Dwayne. They’ve both been phot’d with the opposite sex together this past week which has led to break up rumors…Also I think it’s tough for these guys to trust anyone, mainly Females. I’m sure 9 out of the 10 women they come in contact with want something from them…

      I’m not rich nor famous yet it happens to me. If my auntie dnt need me to help paint her house, the other needs me to help her move. If my momma dnt need me to take her here, my sister needs me to take her there. I’ve heard the I’m A SINGLE MOTHER I NEED HELP line so often from my sister that it no longer moves me. I no longer have the pitty I used to have on her and my nephew. It gets exhausting. I said earlier Darnell and Antonio are inspiring cuzz coming from a family of girls-I always longed for a brother…So yeah…and digressing…Its the norm for these dudes to roll with dudes. Normal guys going to the novies together would get the side eye, but Kevin Durant coming out the magic johnson theater with an unidentified male on tmz isn’t given a second thought.
      It’s how they roll, and I get it….

      I’d like to make one more observation and I’ll shut up…That Dorion guy from college hill…I follow him on twitter…Hes always posted up with Tiara Marie or some other beautiful girl…Picture after picture after picture…That must mean he’s straught right? He’s got to be to always be with beautiful women…Must be bangin um all 🙂 please ignore typos and runons and so ons. I’m on my phone, it’s tuff.lol

      1. Interesting view point Shea, wouldn’t think like that, but I will say there are too many elements that make this situation “questionable.” I understand that pro ballers apparently have a thing for getting in trouble with the law. This park that everyone knows is the hook-up spot is my question. If you’re not gay bi-sexual why do you have any interest in going there AFTER the park has closed. The next thing that perked up on my radar is, I don’t know if they’re gates or what not at the park, but how in the hell do you get in after it closes at ten? Thirdly, not that I have any experience in this department, still a virgin here, but after a certain hour of the night after 1 before 5 am is that considered a booty call? So in my mind what are you doing in a closed park, after it closes, with another dude in your car, just talking? Not that it’s my business but I’m just lookin at the elements presented. Now if he has a logical reason behind it, like maybe wanted to get away and…I’m sorry I can’t even think of a reasonable excuse.

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