Who Wants To See Steph Jones Naked?

I do.
I do.
Well Steph Jones and Jordan Sparks have some explaining to do.
Seems like Steph got lost and found his dick in some foreign vagina.
She (or He) snapped a picture for us and sent my Wolf in Charge, Cartlon Jordan, all the dirty details:

I’m so tired of these wack ass celebs claiming to be innocent and holier than thou. Steph Jones is a typical industry *****. He was fucking me while he was with Jordin Sparks. I went in his phone while he was in the bathroom and saw their texts. She is definitely not a virgin as she claims to be either because the texts I saw with her telling him she missed him and needed to feel him inside of her are definitely not the words of a virgin. Anyway. I would have kept these to myself but I’m so sick of seeing him pretend to be a saint on twitter that I decided to let the world see what a saint he truly is. His dick is big but he is selfish and doesn’t use it well. He acts like a bitch so it’s hard to really enjoy it.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B


Nice Steph.

With that body and dick,
I’m sure teaching you how to use that dick would be fun.
Obviously that Vixen (or Fox) clearly didn’t know what she was doing.

Silly wabbit.


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7 thoughts on “Who Wants To See Steph Jones Naked?”

  1. right46 :Ponder this ….. look at the background in the pics? What chick would have a bed and bath like that ….. so the answer is….

    Could be Steph’s house & not the jump-off…

  2. Lame. and he is supposed to be on another level than these other celebuclowns. shame on him. its not attractive not one bit!

  3. Smells like a publicity stunt to me. Not sure how this will help, since he is only known in black media circles, and not because of his music, but for dating Jordin. But I ain’t mad @ him. When u got dick and cakes like that, it should be shared with the world :-).

    1. Even him with Jordin Sparks sounded like a stunt to me.
      No one really knows,
      Or cares,
      who Steph Jones is/was/tryna be.

      But as the saying goes:

      When Yo Career Stalls; Show some balls.

      1. Ponder this ….. look at the background in the pics? What chick would have a bed and bath like that ….. so the answer is….

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