This Is For My “Meat In Bulk” Baller Wolf Lovers.

tumblr_mpfozi3P581qk5j8to5_500don’t let this picture scare you.
there is a fine baller wolf underneath…

everyone meet the duane brown:

tumblr_mpfozi3P581qk5j8to1_500told you he was fine.
he plays for the houston texans.
again another fine ass texan!
i’m sure he has no problems getting pussy

tumblr_inline_mokhxuUr6C1qz4rgpi know people frown upon bigger wolves/foxes/and hybrids.
its like once you go past a certain weight,
they blacklist your ass to costco.
stay there and don’t move.
i usually don’t deal with big boys,
but who knows.
i might look past it.
back in the day,
he had all the hoes fighting over him:


“don’t leave ya girl round me,
true playa forreal,
ask puff daddy…”

so i had to ask…

Would you deal with someone of Duane’s size?

13 thoughts on “This Is For My “Meat In Bulk” Baller Wolf Lovers.

  1. Duane Brown can get it.

    I would definitely date a “bigger” man. Especially a cornfed mothafucka. The last guy I was with was a big boy and he put it D-O-W-N, you hear me? Don’t sleep on the big boys.

  2. There are actually some attractive big guys out there. You are hearing from one of them. I’ve always had weight on me but I’ve carried it well. Personally I love big men and am currently talking with one. There are a lot of attractive big men out there. And if one problem I’ve have is it is kind of biased in here as a big guy to not see any ATTRACTIVE, PRESENTABLE MEN who are bigger.

  3. if somebody turn him down they’re a damn fool..THAT’S A REAL MAN..I like something to grab onto i don’t want a top who looks like he’s hungry…and i’m a bigger guy so give me something like this, and he’s CHOCOLATE…#myfavorite lol

  4. He is not fat. He is just really built IMO. Need to see shirtless pics to confirm things.

  5. I have dated, and actually am currently dating a bigger guy. He carries himself well, and is truly a really great guy.

    I hate that gay culture shuns anyone that’s above a certain weight, it’s ridiculous. Many gay guys want to complain that they can’t find a guy that will treat them well, but have such impossibly high standards about weight, height, etc. that it’s no wonder why so many of us are single.

    1. ^ya know what?
      if i met a guy like duane,
      who isn’t sloppy and disgusting,
      i would give it a go.
      the ones online that tried to talk to me look like that one big boy off catfish last week.

  6. Well well well where do I start I always tell my friends don’t sleep on the big boys as long as they aren’t sloppy and stinky. I remember a 36/38 waist, thick that worked out that I met one Sunday night and I don’t believe he didn’t he left for a week (whorish I know) but the D*** and A** wore me out.

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