They Want Your Ass First; Your Brain Cums Never?

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.30.23 PMi love his hair.
super swagg.
so a vix-bi sent me some old tweets from david banner today.
she wanted my opinion since every sista went in on him.
apparently he lost a few fans over his comments.
lets take a look why…

the sistas thought he was being disrespectful.
they were saying that wolves need to stop tellin’ vixens how to dress.
a vixen could be in a nun’s outfit and still get objectified.
they also said wolves get judged for their clothing as well.
the police have shot and killed “thugs” just off assumptions.
wait remember these lyrics from david banner’s song,

“Bend it on over, lemme see it from the back
Work your thumb in it girl, I love it like that
Freaky ass hoes, love freaky ass men
Lemme work ya slow, lemme see it going in
Then you pull it out, put your fingers in your mouth
You make a nigga wanna fuck your ass on the couch
While we’re still in the club, show your pussy love
Work that clit
Cum girl”

that song was everything in the club.
things have changed since david went activist wolf on us.
well he wasn’t lying with his opinion,
but the way i see it…
ANYONE who presents themselves as a sex toy gets treated as such.
no one cares whats going on in your mind when your flesh is on display.
people pretty much just want to fuck you.
you would be kidding yourself if you think otherwise.
if i posted my ass all over this blog,
and every other entry was sex adventures with randoms,
would you take me seriously?
you would low (or even high) key:

200its all in the presentation.
can be turned into housewives until they get bored.
“ain’t shit” men won’t make happy husbands.
hell some of the biggest hoes are all covered up.
(see: liar liar)
sadly the vixen in the booty shorts will get judged faster tho.
tumblr_n4ut3dxq6d1sc20iqo1_500perception is still reality.
now my question is…
when straight men are half naked on instagram,
and the thirsty gays are commenting like savages

Do those tweets apply to them as well?

things that make you go hmm.

15 thoughts on “They Want Your Ass First; Your Brain Cums Never?

  1. I’m not here for his tired, basic ass respectability rhetoric either. He isn’t talking about butt naked instagram models (male or female). He and his ilk are talking about regular women who shouldn’t dare come close to being “sexy” in their carriage without justifying any and all attention they receive. Once again, no accountability is placed on the people who actually are acting a fool. We continue to defend and perpetuate these bias and assumptions (and ultimately victim blame).

  2. Using my own self for an example, a couple of years ago on a few Gay Social Media networks, I got bold when I started getting my body together and posted some pics shirtless or in my underwear and my Inboxes blew up like crazy. The attention was intoxicating, I cant lie, but I found out that not one of the dudes wanted to get to know me in anyway but sexually. I was pissed in a sense because I thought I was going to attract a good dude showing a little skin lol, but it backfired on my ass in a big way. I had to check myself and say, why the hell are you mad and you looking like America’s Next Top Gay THOT on your pics. I became so frustrated I deleted the accounts. I agree with Mr. Banner, and wont hold his past against him because we all grow and hold different opinions about things as we get older. How we dress and carry ourselves still matter a great deal whether we want to admit it or not.

    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing that with us it was insightful but do you get the feeling that these guys use this as a way to control you because I get the feeling if you would have kept it modest you wouldn’t have gotten any attention at all so why should you have to modify your behavior cause those same guys wouldn’t have given you the time of day so what do men really want?

      1. @Kelly so true, I still have account on BGC more so for the forum discussion on there but no pics, I dont even have to worry, no one ever hits me up now like they did when I had my pics up (LOL). I can almost guarantee that most men either Gay or Str8 dont care about your personality if you are not attractive in some type of way to them. My muscles in the gay world are almost as valuable as money. I have gotten nice perks from having them from getting into clubs for free, and free drinks to getting invites to nice parties, things that rarely happened when I was still mushy(LOL)

    2. @tajan Wow! And thats a very sad commentary so its almost like your stuck in between a rock and a hard place and this is why people do what they do society rewards you when you live up to their fantasies and I don’t who’s worse straight men or gay men lol! Btw ain’t it’s funny how straight men have so much in common with gay men but yet its only one degree of separation.

      1. “Btw ain’t it’s funny how straight men have so much in common with gay men but yet its only one degree of separation.”

        If only they saw it that way. You just hit a gold mine because that was a good revelation.
        Humanity can be simple, we just choose to make mountains out of molehills when it comes to certain things, sexuality being one of them.

        At the end of the day, we’re still men. Wolves seem very close to straight men, while foxes can be slightly different, we can relate to vixens (to a degree) with the way were treated by wolves at times but were STILL men, and STILL humans, same desires etc.

        If people realized that things were not that complicated or serious in general, this world would be a much happier place…

      2. @ dignified hey love how you doin! Exactly and only if they wanted to see it lol!

  3. Sigh! tumblr feminists am I right? Funny they bring up his past, I bet if the tables were turned they’d be screaming sexism and misogyny. I lol when black women claim their feminism is so much different from white women’s.

      1. Agreed! White women will never truly represent black women the same way lgbt will never truly represent minorities.

  4. Anyone that puts half nekkid pics on any site is leaving themselves open to criticism, ridicule, and any other type of comment. They put them up because they thirst for attention and need the objectification that comes with it. Take it away…what do you really have behind the picture you present? Can you have a stimulating conversation or can you only talk about how you put it down (IF you put it down) in the bedroom? Hell, can you even read?! LOL

    David makes a valid point. If you want someone to come correct…don’t present yourself as a hoe, because you will surely be treated that way. As the old saying goes, why buy the milk when you can sample it for free?!

  5. This guy needs to stay in his lane.
    His lyrics are:”Freaky ass hoes, love freaky ass men”
    why the fck are you having an opinion?
    Who’s supposed to take you seriously with lyrics like that?
    Stay in your lane fool and leave the intelligence to people who know how to use their brains:

    Appearance has a major impact on the way you’re treated. Justified or not. Its just the way it is.
    If you look serious, people will treat you serious, if you lookfun, people will treat you like you are, if you look easy, you will be treated as such.If you appear intimidating, people will be apprehensive to get near you, if you appear dumb, naive or too friendly, people will try to take advantage of you, if you look snobby people wont care to get to know you
    Its not just clothes its overall appearance. Demeanour, the way you speak, how you carry yourself etc. Body language is huge too.

    Straight guys who post their naked bodies on a public forum like instagram or youtube have to suck it up and deal with it or don’t post that type of material. You’re appealing to women and men’s sexual desires by doing that so they’re going to comment accordingly. If you want them to not comment like that, then post different material with a different overall theme. You will get different responses.

    I think the concept is really simple. These dunderheads are trying to have their “cake and eat it too”.
    ( i love using that idiom on this site! Its so perfect LMAO)

    1. Claps!!!!! Another home round this is why you are a friend in my head lol! You made some great points and this is what I don’t understand why men are so hypocritical because what David said is laughable men don’t give a fuck about your brains the same men who complain about us dressing scantily clad are the same ones putting the video vixen on a pedestal or still complain about us when we do set our standards men don’t know what the fuck they want and us dressing more modestly will not change the way men treat us so miss me with that bullshit!

      1. Exactly! Some do care, but definitely not this buffoon LOL! I know that may sound harsh about that guy but he sounds like a moron rofl.
        Its like Soulja Boy lecturing us to get an education, like dude, you barely even know English and that’s the only language he knows!
        If Hill Harper said the same thing I might agree with what he said, because he represents a different calibre or echelon of man, but this David fool better sit down lol.
        Still, many straight men do say that, and still worship the video vixens, same with gay/bi wolves, they say they dont want a jackal, yet they go and pick jackals and complain about all of the foxes lol… same thing with foxes, foxes pick these hyenas and then complain about all the wolves being hyenas
        Its simple. Stop picking jackals and hyenas! Practice what you preach! and this David fool needs to learn how to do the same before he preaches to vixens about how to dress.
        I guess as a vixen you got to do a lot of “weeding out the fools” because there’s an epidemic of unintelligence these days.

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